Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Danny Gabbidon returning to Prem with Crystal Palace!

Incredible, you can't keep an old yard dog down it seems. Despite Doing a Dyer and spending most of the season in the treatment room, ex Hammer Danny Gabbidon has been given a one year contract extension and will be playing in the Prem again next season.

Palace were already nailed on favourites to go down. This news should shorten their odds still further! What's Upson up to? Perhaps Palace could sign him too. And Anton may want to return from Turkey. And Dyer may fancy a return to the Prem too. And Palace are already interested in Carlton.

If Holloway quits, perhaps Avram could make a return to English football!

Negredo bid shows intent and Liverpool's Suarez would be happy!

Ok the bid was rejected, and ok, Negredo was, like Carroll, reluctant to make the move to the Boleyn, but the fact the bid was made shows the determination of Sullivan and Gold to push on from last season.

Was Negredo seen as an alternative or as a partner for Carroll? If the latter, that is very exciting; if the former, it shows that we are not going to stand for any nonsense from the pony tailed pillock. Maybe, just maybe, the club is opening up the possibility of him spending a year in Liverpool's stiffs.

Negredo would be a fabulous addition to the squad and to the Prem, should it prove possible to coax him into making the move, but that is probably unlikely. Which is a shame for Suarez should he stay at Liverpool, because then there would be one player in England that he could call Negredo with out fear of a ten match suspension. That said, I'm not sure what the Sevilla man tastes like!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

And the winner of the second prize at Leeds...

Good to see the Yorkshire club honouring at least one of its promises to the fans with the Official Site announcing the winner of the competition to win two season tickets for 2013-14.

Mind you, if the first prize was two season tickets, we are left wondering what the second prize was? Five season tickets perhaps?

Monday, 3 June 2013

West Ham hold all the cards as Liverpool and Newcastle cold shoulder Carroll

So Liverpool don't want him. And Newcastle aren't interested either. Which leaves Carroll with nowhere else to go. Now, given we hold all the cards, it's time to offer Liverpool a revised deal.

First off, they should be required to meet a percentage of Carroll's wages. They were bloody foolish enough to pay him 100k per week and they are desperate to get him off the wage bill. Fine. So we should alleviate some of that financial pressure, but not all of it.

Then there's the transfer fee. Fifteen million sounds toppy to me in the present market. Let's shave it down to twelve, with add ons based on goals scored and appearances.

And finally there's the issue of Carroll's injury. Let's ensure there's a clause in the deal protecting us should that injury turn out to be worse than first thought. We don't want Carroll arriving half fit, like Dean Ashton!

West Ham to sign the Spanish Rob Green?

Anybody know anything about Adrian? Apparently he is on a free transfer. And apparently he improved over the course of last season. And apparently he will only be an understudy to Jussi anyway. But Jussi's arthritis has to cut in soon surely, so we need an understudy capable of doing the job full time if the need arises.

Not one to set the pulses racing but if he spends the season on the bench, who cares?

At least he isn't Rob Green!