Saturday, 31 May 2014

Do one Lescott!

So it looks like Lescott has shunned our advances. Well thank God for that! He laughed at suggestions that he might come to Upton Park on loan in January, and there's no way we want somebody with that attitude at the club.

In truth, Lescott is a very average player who has got more average by the day whilst living off the fat of Unreal City's inflated wage bill. He lacks focus, consistency and composure and isn't half as committed in the challenge as Ginge. God knows what he is looking for in wages, but one thing's for sure, he will have inflated expectations after adjusting his spending to his salary at Man City.

Jog on Kryten, we don't want you at West Ham!


teddybard said...

Last sort of player we want
is one who does NOT WANT to be here.

Likewise if Diame has the same thoughts as reported hopefully he will do one as well

teddybard said...

last person we want is a player on the downhill slope who does not want to be here;
On the same thread
hopefully if his attitude is as reported hopefully diame will
p*ss off too

alwilsh said...

Good to see you back HF. I think we need a decent left back, defensive midfielder, get Rav back in the team, looks like we have Zarate so another decent forward to challenge for places and back up. Play Noble and drop Nolan to the bench. Job done.
Hopefully we'll play 2 up front this year, I think we've been wasting Carroll, a £20 million striker, so far - using him as a holding player and not getting the ball in to feet for him to have decent shots on goal, I'm hoping that changes this year but we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Diame looked a player in his first season, being played in his best position through the middle !

Anonymous said...

What would West Ham want with Lescott?
I'd prefer to keep Roger Johnson and the extra £80k a week in wages!!

Needs are at full back and up front more than any of these Charlies like Colback and Lescott.

Couchio said...

you are absolutely hilarious every single player that turns down west ham you can guarantee within minutes they will be posted on your wall saying that the play is shit. lescott colback and mccormack all turn you down then guess what apparently there shit. well i guess they are compared to players like carlton cole lol. if you are not going to be honest what is the point in the even writing a blog i just look at your stories now and see a little boy throwing a tantrum.

i never wanted them anyway there shit!!! Lol grow up!!!!

hopefully you a fickle wankers will all be back to Boeing your team next season like you did this season