Friday, 8 November 2013

Reid as big a loss as Carroll!

Norwich City's luck has turned just days after the drubbing at the Etihad. Already without an attack because of the absence of Andy Carroll, West Ham must now take to the field at Carrow Road without the man who knits the entire defence together, Winston Reid.

Suddenly, the game looks like a bloody minefield. We should be rubbing our hands together at the prospect of playing a team beneath us in the table., especially after they have just shipped seven goals, but because we are so dependent on Carroll and Reid, it feels like we will be playing with less than half a team!

Take out Noble and Jussi and the side would be completely without a spine. It could be a long 90 minutes!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame, doesn't make for an easy game now eh, any predictions regards a win, lose or draw? Put your superstitions behind you, you sound like an old farmers wife! Anyway, no article crying over why Noble and Morrisson didn't get in the England side? Reason? Not good enough, better players out there!

bubbles said...

10 weeks without Reid ..... Oh my God ..that means 10 weeks of Tomkins . Stop wittering on about Noble .. He is a plodder . Not good enough for England or West Ham . Pray Ravel isn't injured !!

Aycliffe said...

I think Tomkins has been excellent bubbles since his return to the team. Still needs to work on his concentration but him and Reid are a very decent partnership for me.
We will miss Reid but I am pleased to see that Collins is fit. For his limitations in keeping possession I just love his battling spirit and Norwich is his sort of game.
As for Noble being a plodder have you watched him this season I think he has been one of our better players in nearly every game!