Saturday, 16 March 2013

Di Canio Trying To Kill Off Allardyce Through Kindness

Interesting to listen to Il Duce Di Canio in his BBC interview rubbishing links with Reading and talking about his special relationship with West Ham and the club's fans.

IDDC identifies the Hammers as "the one club...the one English club" dearest to his heart - the correction was for the ears of the Lazio Ultras no doubt -  and then goes on to say how unfair any specualtion, linking him to the manager's job, is on Allardyce.

He says Doctor Evil has been doing a "good job" but adds that he has been going through "a difficult time" in recent weeks. If the interview isn't a "come and get me" call, I don't know what is; but was he speaking to West Ham's board or Reading's?

I'll tell you what, the last thing we need is IDDC in either the home or away dressing room when Reading come to the Boleyn! But the events on the toucline might be more interesting than the events out on the pitch as Allardyce might just swing for the gobby Italian!

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Jameson said...

A self confessed fascist will never be West Ham manager surely, especially with Gold and Sullivan in charge. He was a legend as a player but let's leave it at that. It'll only end in tears.