Friday, 1 March 2013

Toxic Claret & Blue Waste Dumped In Portland

We tried to dump him in Doncaster but the local environment committee objected. There was talk of Leeds but that came to nothing. Wolves had a sniff but the pungent aroma of sulphur made them look elsewhere.

But God Bless America, despite all their toxic loans,  Freddie The Fly Tipper is MLS bound!


daz said...

bit more respect, he made 40 appearances for the hammers, scoring 11 goals, how many stikers have we had in recent years with a better goal to game ratio than 1 in 3.6 games? tevez 1 in 3.7, cole 1 in 4.2, robbie keane 1 in 4.5, carroll 1 in 4.6, tristan 1 in 4.6, di michele 1 in 7.5, carew 1 in 9.5, zavon hines 1 in 22, sears 1 in 23, apart from demba ba he has been our most prolific striker since dean ashton, yeah he was lazy and not interested after fat sam dropped him but he did an ok job for us, good luck to him

Anonymous said...

Didn't the mls save some pretty boy englishman's career? That being said I still feel bad for Portland.