Saturday, 23 March 2013

West Ham 15 Tottenham Hotspurs 0 - Work that Daniel Levy!

Sorry it's been a bit quiet here over the past week, I've been torn between laughing and crying. Of course I am sad at the imminent demise of the Boleyn Stadium. Every West Ham fan will hold a fond memory of the stadium of Ron Greenwood and Bobby Moore, the stadium of Hurst and Peters, the stadium of Brooking, Bonds and Devonshire, the stadium of Il Duce Di Canio and, all too briefly, of Third Party Carlos Tevez.

But the world moves on as they say, and for all the sadness, you have to see the funny side of West Ham landing a 600m stadium, complete with the retractable seating necessary to convert it into a footballing venue, for the princely sum of £15m!

Levy squealed, Levy protested, Levy took court actions, Levy wound up the key in Barry Hearn's back, Levy probably prayed and tried to call in all sorts of personal favours, offering promissory notes in return, but where did it get him?

Yes Tottenham will be building a new, state of the art, stadium but at what cost? And where will it be situated?

Arsenal have stopped winning things since the switch to the Emirates and there has been a steady stream of big money sales ever since. Yes the stadium is fantastic, but the cost of build has been a millstone around the club's neck ever since.

And Tottenham now face the same problem into the future, building a White Elephant stadium in, of all places White Hart Lane! It's like opening a Michelin 5 star restaurant in a pig pen!

Meanwhile, West Ham stroll into a stadium served by an underground station that is a hub in a future integrated London transport network and the tax payer is funding the move for the club. It is obscenely hilarious!

And if you are a Middle Eastern billionaire looking for a football plaything, where might you choose to chuck away your money. It didn't matter that Manchester United had all the history when the Arabs went shopping, they liked the idea of the Commonwealth Stadium; and West Ham will now represent exactly the same sort of prospect, but with knobs on!

Down Levy, and beg mercy of the porn merchants!


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Paul Alexander said...


Anonymous said...

Just Goes to Show "Honesty Doesn`t Pay,Let The Hammers Legacy Roll On,Feeder Club To The BIG Un`s,Pays to Have A Mayor In The Right Place---
I Never Said It ??

Anonymous said...

Teams: West Ham v Barnet
Venue: Olympic Stadium
Year: 2016
Attendance: Your guess is as good as mine??

Hammersfan said...

God 1037, do you really fancy Barnet to replace Tottenham in the Premiership?

Anonymous said...

typical wet spam, revelling in the perverted glory of tax payers funding there new (oh so quiet) rented accommodation, horrible little club with nasty little fans and a board who invest nothing but bad feeling and tacky porn flicks, oh you spammers must be so proud!

Anonymous said...

It will probably mean West Ham being a feeder club to Barnet then! Yeah?

Hammersfan said...

We are 1043, now file your tax return, there's a good boy!

Anonymous said...

West Ham were going to buy the stadium until Spurs raised legal objections. Now we get it without the debt. I would just like to thank the snidey Spurs board and the Spurs fans for firstly getting the stadium for us for no debt and also making a contribution towards it. We will be renting it so I hope the Spurs fans pay their taxes to keep our stadium maintained for the next 99 years. Hoe do those apples taste?

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo bitter spurs fans. The point of the new stadium is we will stop being a feeder club and will be as rich as Man City, then we will feed off smaller clubs with massive stadium debts like Spurs.
It's perfect and I love that other fans will pay for us lol

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you really dont get it do you.

Levy used Stratford & whu as pawns in his bigger game. It was never Levy's intention to get stratford & he used this to avoid Haringey's tax (about 24m) & now, spurs even get a grant.

Anonymous said...

as a spurs fan i am so jealous of west ham- and in answer to your michelin star comment they only go up to 3 ...well done- shows your intelligence level is that of a retard

so as your story states we play in a pig pen.........youll be in stratford

west ham vs doncaster attendence

west ham not only have shit name, shirt and owners but not 1 of your players would get in a top 6 sides team

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The sugar daddy boat has sailed unfortunately for you lot. United, Chelsea ( how ironic? ) Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham helped put paid to that route to success.

This means you will have to do it the 'correct' way.

You make the mistake of believing its going to be a football stadium. It's not. It's going to be a mishmash soul less oversized bowl. Hence why none of you lot have seen any real plans for it, just silly artist impressions which show nothing of how the real issues of the stadium will be addressed.

Good luck trying to crack the top half over the next decade. Personally, I don't tend to look that far down!

Can't wait until we are in our brand new FOOTBALL stadium, with our bigger capacity and proper KOP stand.

On a serious WH note. I think its a sad day for a lot of your fans and football actually. Moving from a proper stadium to the monstrosity that is the olympic Stadium could ruin the club.

Anonymous said...

Get out of Levy's arse you bell end. He is a business man and the deal was a lot cheaper if he went to the Olympic stadium. Plus do you think the snide had that woman and her kid tracked as posturing

Anonymous said...

My wetspam friends all say they oppose this move, and don't want to have to walk through a rich men's investment in the destruction of the East End to get to games in a vast soulless bowl. Very few Hammers now live locally and yet locals cough up £45M in a time of hardship; this is not local pride; it is a porn-baron's rip-off. Supporters also point to the fact that the club cannot presently get 30K fans to attend, and discounts tickets/gives them away to kids on match days. I really think you will regret this move and, if everyone had pushed for a rebuild to create a stadium dedicated to football, it would have happened. My guess is that the Boleyn will become ANOTHER mall and lead to the death of another local market. You won't be moving for 3 years, so you've got time to get used to how bad it will be, but I am confident this is not an experience you are going to enjoy ..... good luck!! (TommyHarmer)

Anonymous said...

Your jealousy is showing. Good luck building that successful club whilst paying off your £400m debt.
You should last a little longer up there if you make champs league this season but then Bale's off next summer and you are a one man team (last 3 games have been laughable).
Just accept it and try not to cry too much

Anonymous said...

Tottenham Hotspur - Learn to spell.

GeorgeS said...

Sums wet spam up really, a bunch of scabby, sponging pikeys

scott said...

Hahahahaha you mingey load of jealous soap dodgers,and it looks like spurs are gonna blow it again in the league,what a great few days.coyi

Anonymous said...

you seem to forget that we actually own the land at white hart lane and is ours in our own right!unlike some
poxy 99 year lease to all an sundry,
ive also heard it will be used for the rugby world cup,at least we will be able to see a proper sporting attraction.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha u dirty yid mugs GET YA MONEY OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To all you non hammers supporters who feel this deal is wrong, boll@cks to the lot of you, if you had the opportunity to move to a stadium like the Olympic Stadium if it was within the vicinity of your original ground you would jump at the chance! Hardly our fault if the LLDC and the Mayors Office didn't listen to Richard Caborn's original ideas of making sure the stadium was built to cater for football after the 2012 olympics is it? West Ham originally wanted to take over the stadium but now instead we get to rent it for allot less which I'm sure leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of you yids, still never mind it will be bitter sweet revenge to watch your scummy team slide down the league table as we rise because you wont be able to afford expensive players as your be debt ridden from building your new stadium. ha ha ha. Look at Arsenal haven't won anything for years since moving to the Emirates your be joining them soon, but then again unlike Arsenal you lot are used to that feeling you poor poor little things!!!! Oh and to add we at West Ham are used to winning nothing so it can only get better!!!!! ;) I'm forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air!!!! United!!! United!!!!

Big Mal said...


Anonymous said...

Both clubs can be happy about this news.

West Ham get the kind of stadium that they could never otherwise have contemplated. Their initial input will be minimal. They will be able to pay off some of their existing debt from the proceeds of the sale of the Boleyn Ground. And the rent will be comparatively cheap.

All in all, a fantastic deal for them. It will certainly help them to become a bigger and better club.

As to Spurs, the best news is that they will stay where the vast majority of their fans want them to be. Where the club belongs, in north London. In Tottenham.

Nevertheless, Spurs derived a lot of benefit from challenging the original OPLC decision - £41 million worth of desperately needed investment in the Tottenham area; the retraction of demands for the club to pay £17 million worth of planning gain; and the withdrawal of the requirement to provide low cost housing.

They also ensured that West Ham will never be able to own the Olympic stadium and that the athletics track will always have to remain. Both clauses are far more important than you probably realise.

Spurs will have a debt burden, of course. But that's not a massive issue. The new stadium will increase income by at least £30 million per annum, and maybe by as much as £60 million. More than enough to service and pay off the debt and still have more money to spend on players and wages.

Unlike West Ham, Spurs will get to keep every penny that their new stadium generates. Naming rights. Non football events. Catering. Etc. etc. And not a penny to be paid in rent. And, just to put one poster right, the stadium won't cost £400 million. It will cost about £250 million. The remainder of the cost is attributable to the enabling development - which will make a profit of up to £100 million and therefore take a big bite out of the £250 million stadium cost.

Lastly, as another poster has already observed, the time for wealthy benefactors bankrolling clubs has nearly passed. West Ham and Spurs have both missed that boat - unless, that is, a wealthy benefactor pays for Spurs' new stadium (since investment in infrastructure doesn't fall foul of either UEFA's or the Premier League's new FFP rules). So West Ham fans shouldn't go putting all their eggs in that basket.

Just be thankful, instead, that, on the cheap, West Ham will have a good, if far from perfect, stadium that is in a great location and that will help the club to grow and improve.

Anonymous said...

we'll get a laugh at the pikeys in a half empty soul-less stadium!!!

Tony Tag said...

Arsenal a much much better side than the spuds,for a long time now are struggling because of their stadium.

Imagine what spurs new ground will do to them.

Where we have pocket change to lay out for ours,leaving fortunes to be spent on players.

The bitterness is untrue and so funny,levy was desperate for that stadium,One because it is cheap,two,He knows that where it is situated,and with the first class rail links it will bring in loads more future fans from all around.

And to think,all because of the efforts of your board and hearn,to get us chucked out,has backfired.shame we get the ground for peanuts now.

Onwards and upwards


brian d said...

Well WHU have avery small history I do not know how you are going to fill the stadium, your record gate was back in 1970 when you played the lilywhites, Your owners appear to be seeing the main chanve financially, which in fairness is all football is about now, the great days of football have long gone, which is easily recognised by tyhe comments on the wb sites around these days. Real football fans who saw Bobby Moore etc and Danny Blanchflower Dave Mackay Jimmy Greaves Cliff Jones Johnny Haynes and proper footballers, have long given up being exploited by these premier leagie robbers, the game has been left to silly people making nonsencisal comments about non football subjects such as gaining the upper hand by making stupid comments about stadiums. in days gone by we supported our teams and rubbed shoulders with our friends who supported other teams, not all this vile talk that goes on now.

Anonymous said...

Michelin stops at 3 stars. But I get the point.

Sidders said...

West Ham are a mid to top Championship club at best, The porn kings paid off the committee and the Mayor ....thank God Tottenham Hotspur are staying at White Hart Lane and not moving miles down the road, we have history at WHL but West Ham like to roam as is their Gypsy birthright. Levy played a blinder to get what he wanted at White hart lane without having to bribe the officials. Well done Danial Levy...onwards and upwards.

Anonymous said...

I guess that the inference is that, because you got the stadium on the cheap, that West Ham WON'T stop winning things. You're a right laugh mate. Oh, by the way, you say you've been quite for a week. Well you managed 10 posts regarding Leeds Utd during that time. I think it either shows where your loyalties lie, or you only get a reasonable amount of replies from Leeds fans. We really are a much bigger club and it hurts doesn't it hahahaha

Anonymous said...

You really are a fool, enjoy your big stadium in the lower leagues

Anonymous said...

I like it......I like it a LOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, will whu be providing binoculars so you can see your shite team getting beat in a half empty atmosphere free bowl? Enjoy it you mugs!

Anonymous said...

funny thing you lie,you have been to busy on the leeds site,a rough guess about 10 maybe 12 this really do nail your colours to the mast.

Anonymous said...

Spurs your just sad and very jealous lol COYI till I die

Anonymous said...

West Ham now have the keys to a stadium on the doorstep of 1 of the biggest corporate areas in the world, and with it will instantly make them a hugely attractive proposition to any oligarch billionaire in the world, and don't Gold Sullivan n Brady just know it.

Remains to be seen how the stadium will truly be utilised as a football arena, and what impact that'll have on the fans, but that will be of no concern to whichever owners are there, that's for sure.

Without doubt tho, in years to come, West Ham will have the financial backing to compete at the top. Perhaps the thing that gets forgotten in all this tho, is the bigger picture. This season see a dreadful CL campaign for English clubs, with noises being made about the rest of Europe catching up. A few more campaigns like that, may have an impact on the CL spots made available to the PL, jus look at Serie A for proof of that (3 CL spots).

United, City, Chelsea already on a different financial plain altogether; Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham there or there abouts in similar situations (on the pitch, anyway). Throw in a rich West Ham, and the PL becomes very competitive indeed. If clubs offer similar wages, then ultimately it'll come down to players choice, of which club stature, then location comes into play. Not many West Ham fans could say they'd be highly rated in that sense; hell, even I'd say outa that group we'd only be 1 maybe 2 above you. On the subject of us (Tottenham), you cannot claim we'll necessarily go the way of Arsenal. They have an majority owning shareholder seemingly unwilling to spend, with Usamov willing to spend, without having the power to do so. Daniel Levy is a childhood Tottenham fan. I have every faith that when he feels we're ready to compete, he'll release the funds to do so. In the meantime, I trust 100% what he's doing; building from the ground up. One of the world's leading training grounds, a youth structure that's showing signs of promise. Buying cheap, selling at profit, with others coming through to help us continually evolve.

Every year, we're told we're fucked. Next year it'll be losing Bale. Just like last year losing Modric n Harry was the death of us. Before that, Berbatov, Carrick etc etc. But, still we're here. So maybe jus concentrate on yourselves, and we'll concentrate on us. Wigan, Arsenal got games in hand. 1 point within the top 4, or 3 points above the drop. I know what position I'd rather be in, stadium or no stadium. COYS.


Anonymous said...

2 points
WHL will be owned by Spurs, a key asset. DILDO stadium can never be owned by WHU. They'll always live in a council flat.

Even if WHU fill that stadium, Spurs will generate more revenue per game even with the old WHL. Spurs are a bigger club, always will be, end of, and know how to generate cash..WHU are a yo-yo club, always will be.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tony Tag - you claim that "levy was desperate" for the Olympic stadium....because it was cheap.

I hate to disillusion and disappoint you but Levy didn't want the Olympic stadium at all. It was only the location that interested him. Since it seems either to have passed you by completely or simply to have escaped your memory, Spurs planned to demolish the existing stadium, to build a proper, 60K football stadium in its place and to rebuild the existing Crystal Palace stadium into a vastly improved and increased capacity 40K athletics venue.

None of which, I hope even you can appreciate, would have been "cheap".

As to Arsenal's struggles, it's not the stadium that has caused their decline. They make huge profits every year. They have more or less paid off their stadium debt - years before they needed to. They have plenty of money to spend on players and they always have. The fact that they haven't spent that money (other than on their huge wage bill) is either down to the board pocketing the profits or down to Wenger's hubris in insisting that he can build a winning team without buying ready made, top players.

Lastly, can you explain why West Ham will necessarily suddenly attract new fans "from all around"? Just because you have a new stadium? It doesn't work like that - as plenty of clubs that have built new stadiums could testify.

I'm sure that West Ham will benefit from the move. I'm sure that they will grow. But by how much........that will depend entirely on whether or not they get things right ON the pitch. Everything depends on that.

And, for your own sake, you really ought to realise that now instead of deluding yourself that the new stadium is West Ham's guaranteed ticket to future success.

Anonymous said...

You had to advertise on talksport and give school kids free tickets for your cup final against spurs! It will be like holding a school sports day in wembley

Anonymous said...

Really depressing that you dream of a "Middle Eastern Billionaire" to come and save West Ham..
But then again if you are happy to move from Upton Park where you have been since 1904 to a soulless venue one should not be surprised that you are ready to offer or give anything to be successful, or at least being able to remain in the Premier League for two consecutive seasons.
When I look at Manchester City or Chelsea I get sad, depressed and disgusted. You get inspired..

Anonymous said...

shame u didnt all turn up like this wen u were beaten by the yids on bobbys annivesary e must b turning in his grave but who cares live in ur past cos u won us world cup TWATS

Anonymous said...

Spurs tossers

Martin H said...

well done West Ham for getting the stadium. Now you try and fill it......

Anonymous said...

Not everything depends on what happens on the pitch. Chelsea were, in general, shit on the pitch and had rising debt off it before abramovich saved them. Success in football is down to a club realising it's potential. With west ham getting a brand new stadium in a perfect area and investment in the team now sure to follow, things will start going right on the pitch

Anonymous said...

You get depressed when you look at city and Chelsea because they are bigger clubs than yours even though your club has spent nearly as much money on players. Soon you'll be looking at west ham and being upset in the same way

Silly Children said...

Hahahah clowns. Spurs only bid to scare the local council into thinking that we would leave the area. Now we've been given funding to regenerate the local area, which was always the intention. Enjoy your relegation. It's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

But west ham will never own their stadium, lets hope they get relagated and go into admin.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Keep posting desperate Spurs fans, each post is a win for us Hammers fans. Levy didn't want us getting the stadium which tells you everything & he wanted it because he will be paying debts whilst we pay for new players. On Spurs always selling and moving on the answer is no, you sell players and don't push on, you are no better this year than last with Modric and when you sell Bale the same will happen again.
Not one Spurs fan has had the balls to admit he is gutted by our move even though everyone can see you are. Whatever reasons you come up with, in a desperate attempt to make yourselves feel better, there is no denying that this is the only way we can push towards being a bigger club, the only way to increase fan base and the only way to becoming a serious player (not just saying we are like the spurs mugs).
So if you can't admit it quietly accept it as at least then other fans might stop thinking of you as the biggest nobs on the planet

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.29 - You claim that:

"Not everything depends on what happens on the pitch. Chelsea were, in general, shit on the pitch"...........No, they weren't. They were already in the Champions League and had won 2 FA Cups, a League Cup, a European Cup Winners Cup and a European Super Cup in the six years prior to Abramovich buying the club.

But regardless of that slight oversight on your part, I don't understand what point you're trying to make. Chelsea became the club that they are because they had the best part of £1 billion of Russian oil money pumped into them. You think that something exactly like that is "sure" to happen to West Ham? That's incredibly presumptuous.

Not to mention wilfully ignorant.....

You're completely overlooking both UEFA's and the Premier League's new Financial Fair Play rules. No club will be able to do a Chelsea or a Man City again. If West Ham are to become a top club, they will have to take the same organic route that the likes of Man Utd and Arsenal had to take.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.47 - As already pointed out in this thread, Levy did NOT want the Olympic stadium. He planned to demolish it and build a new, football specific stadium.

You claim that "Not one Spurs fan has had the balls to admit he is gutted by our move even though everyone can see you are."

I think you'll find that the vast majority of Spurs fans are absolutely delighted that their club will be staying where it belongs, in Tottenham. If they're replying to this article, it's more in response to the repeatedly asserted, but wholly presumptuous, claim by West Ham fans that this move guarantees that the club will suddenly become incredibly successful, will attract legions of new fans and will also attract billionaire investors who will plough their money into the club.

On what basis is any of that sure to happen? Answer: none at all.

It certainly COULD happen. But only if West Ham becomes a well run club in every respect, adopting the best strategy and making the right key appointments.

Moving to a new stadium is not the panacea to all ills. Best that you understand that now.

Anonymous said...

Listen chap, Levy DID want the stadium! You can talk about smoke screens and leveraging Haringey Council until your teeth fall out but that's not what went on. Yes, it was certainly a good Plan B once he realized he wouldn't het the OS but not his desired outcome.

You don't hire agents (WHO WERE CONVICTED) to go to that much trouble to ILLEGALLY stalk unless you mean business. Don't even try to give any of that old tosh about it not being Levy driven either. The world knows it was a dog move by the Spuds.

Levy is jealous and no doubt a bit terrified about what this deal means. So he should be too. If anyone thinks this agreement amounts anything less than massive moves for us Irons in the future then you're delusional.

The best bit... If Levy had kept quiet we'd have bought that Stadium and finances would have been tougher. Thanks to Snoopy and Co. we have it for free. No it's not ours technically, but a 99 year lease with no doubt first dibs at a renewal and rights to kit it out as we see fit is as good as.

Cheers for your contribution! Thank your mates too. All the best from a bunch of grateful West Ham fans #COYI

Anonymous said...

Lots of clutching at straws here from the spanners.

New fans only turn up because of a succesful team. Your lot barely have a trophy to your name and have not won anything for over 30 years.

Never qualify for Europe and are probably £250m worth of players short of even challenging for the champions league places.

But apparently this is all changing because you have an oversized concrete soulless mishmash athletics/football stadium? Keep on dreaming mugs.

You need to google Financial Fair Play Rules and there goes your hope of a sugar daddy investing the needed £750m+ that is needed to get you challenging for a top 4 spot ( including the purchase of the cub from the two porn boys )

Wy don't you continue to blood all those "amazing" players you get through the so called academy of football ( ha ha ha, self styled...nothing like the academy of football ) like Noble, Tomkins and Collinson? These all time great superstars will no doubt take you to glory! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Typical spanners, full of tosh and delusion.

Anyway, back to matters in the pitch....good luck battling it up with Stoke and Norwich for league position mugs. That's your true level.