Friday, 13 June 2014

Never mind Qatar, how much did Brazil pay to win last night's game?

Well what a diabolical start to the World Cup. The opening ceremony was cringeworthy with unimaginative dancers and singers that nobody could hear, but that proved the perfect prelude to the most embarrassingly engineered home nation victory you could ever dread to see.

It really is time for referees to be marched in front of the world's media and interrogated about decisions which are so ludicrous that they bring the entire game into disrepute and leave everybody suspecting that either money has changed hands, or political pressure has been brought to bear.

Yes there was contact in the box, and yes a referee can hide behind that fact, but look at the way the opportunity to award Brazil a penalty was seized upon! The referee would have been genuflecting in thanks for his personal salvation had he not been surrounded by understandably irate Croats. If that was a penalty, then a penalty should have been awarded at every single corner, because defenders from both sides had their hands all over the forwards. Shouldn't a referee be obliged to explain that level of inconsistency?

And tell me, had that happened at the other end, would a spot kick have been awarded? Not a chance in hell!


Anonymous said...

Could not agree more.
The ref should not be allowed to be involved in any more games.

However, given that diving seems to be rewarded in Brazil, then maybe Woy should have included Ashley Cole in the squad??!

Apiahia Cheiahihke said...

Cheikhou Kouyate!!!! I can't believe it, I'm pinching myself. I've always wanted him, DS is right this guy is top draw.

Anonymous said...

I love how west ham had a World Cup starting left back on our team but we still started stupid McCartney. If we don't fix our wing backs we are doomed next year.