Monday, 2 June 2014

Tottenham already have Lennon, so why not sign McCartney?

With Spurs desperate for a replacement for Danny "A Rose by any other name would smell as shite" and with cash limited following the £100m splurge last summer, surely Pochettino should consider reuniting Lennon with McCartney, by signing the West Ham man recently released on a free.

Before Spurs fans scoff, they should remember that West Ham did the treble over their rag bag bunch of overpriced millionaires last season, and "Linda" played in two of those three games, starting at centre back in the League Cup game in December and in his more accustomed left back position in the penultimate game of the season.

It's true that McCartney is no spring chicken and it's true too  that he is pretty crap, but he still ran out a winner in two games against Spurs last season, and if £100million pounds worth of "talent" can only conjure  one goal over 180 minutes of football with McCartney in the team, he can't be that bad can he?

One thing's for sure, although ordinary, he's a better left back than Danny Rose will ever be! So come on Levy, pick yourself up a bargain! And with Lennon and McCartney on board, it shouldn't be too hard to locate a Harrison somewhere in the lower leagues and, once he's in place, Spurs would surely make sweet music because every other expensive signing must be a genuine Starr.

Mustn't they?


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Now that West Ham have performed their annual flirtation with relegation isnt it a bit sad that all you can go on and on and on and on about is beating us 3 ttimes? Two of those occasions we were being managed by the only premiership manager worse thanSam Allardyce? At least we had the balls to sack Dim Tim....not make him promise to do better next season. Yes you beat wear your sad little tshirts whilst the rest of us concentrate on real football and real league tables and real European matches and you concentrate on hoofing it to Carroll and fighting relegation again.

Michael Phillips said...

No ty that would honestly be a backwards step showing ni ambition

Anonymous said...

McCartney? Who's that? I just know him as mcCarthorse!

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Why do you bother posting a w,ham blog when no w,ham fans read it or comment on it? Are you just vain?

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Tottenham already have Lennon, so why not sign McCartney?

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West Ham and QPR miss out on Midfield Maestro

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Anony-mouse says,

You're back CH!

Where the flip were you? Prison? Thailand? Locked in the shed? :)

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Aye, but you fiddle your hits though don't you? You're as bent as tory boy haigh in that respect.

Hammersfan said...

No need to fiddle, I play the piano. Only been posting for a week over last month. Here's the BlogSpot stats:

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TurdsOut! said...

Sarcasm is scornful, contemptuous and taunting, hence it is rightfully the lowest form of wit.

PJ said...

Actually the stats you've published here tell a very different story to what you claim - e.g. there is no correlation between page views and comments left and that your page view stats show you run a successful blog.

2415 views resulted 5 comments.
0.2% of viewers felt engaged/interested enough to respond to your post.

8108 views resulted in 3 comments.
0.03% of viewers felt engaged/interested enough to respond to your post.

For a blog, a medium which is designed to create reader engagement, both of those results are equally bad. So, far from proving your point - that there is no correlation between page views and comments left - what it does prove is your blog doesn't promote any reader engagement.

Also, in reality, a 'page view' reported by most web analytic tools does not equate to a person visiting your site and reading your content. A page view isn't always even a person, whether reading your content or not. The more important stats are page and website dwell times. I should imagine you'd be disappointed if you studied those stats for this site.

I think there's 3 reasons for why you haven't been successful in any of the above:

1. Your writing (your tone, style, etc) doesn't encourage reader involvement. In fact, quite the opposite as proved by your stats

2. Your content is never fresh or exclusive, usually it is always 3rd hand and / or out of date - e.g. readers have already read and engaged on the subject elsewhere so why would they bother again here?

3. Your user interface, particularly your comments system and policy, is out of date and off-putting to users. In this day and age, users don't expect their comments to be delayed, reviewed, edited, censored or deleted. In the age of twitter and facebook, users demand their content be published instantly and not subject to review or censorship. There is absolutely no technical justification for comments to be reviewed prior to being published so you must have your own personal reasons for insisting upon it, which is a shame and absolutely the wrong decision on your behalf.

I hope you take the above as constructive input(i do this stuff for a living and would be happy to advise you further) and don't worry, I think I've read enough to know you won't publish this comment - see point 3 above.