Saturday, 18 January 2014

Half Time West Ham 1 Newcastle 2 - Skin of Teeth Time

Well we are still in it, but God knows how! Newcastle completely dominated the half and but for two Adrian saves, some poor finishing and half a dozen last ditch blocks, we could have shipped six or seven. Then, on the stroke of half time, Rat showed Jarvis how to cross, Carlton chest controlled the ball into Williamson's path, and with his keeper on the deck, the Newcastle man supplied a clinical finish to bundle the ball over the line. Back from the dead! Maybe!

To be honest, it's looked as if Newcastle have three extra players on the pitch. Going forward, we can't see the goal for a forest of barcodes, and when Newcastle have the ball, we are being cut to ribbons. Taylor is all at sea at right back, Diame is all at sea just behind Cole, Collison is all at sea chasing Newcastle shadows, Jarvis and Downing are not tracking back and have failed to pick out West Ham players from numerous crossing opporties and Johnson looks like a man experienced in relegation scraps - experienced at losing them!

It will be a miracle if we get anything out of this one, but for it to happen, surely Morrison and Carroll will have to be introduced. That may just give the team and the crowd a lift and may just give Newcastle something to think about defensively. Because until the last kick of the first half, the Gallic Geordies have had a stroll in the Upton Park.

4 comments: said... come.....are you you not follow your own team?

Anonymous said...

Newcastle fan here, I've always admired West Ham for their history of wonderful ball playing football. I could never understand why you lot ever employed a long ball manager. We got rid of him as soon as he tried to adopt that at the Toon he buggered our team up and it took us three years to fully recover from the damage he inflicted. Good luck to the Hammers hope you finish above Blunderland.

Anonymous said...

Well caroll came on and did piss all in the Titwanks latest humiliation at the bowling ground. Nevermind, at least lescott and Diouf will be arriving shortly. Or......Frankensteins monster and Igor as they're affectionately known as in civilised society. Bottom 3 now eh? Back where you belong,time to light those torches and head for the old mill.

Anonymous said...

Thought caroll was your hero your saving grace the reason youve lost every other game hahaha hes wank, c thats the thing wi ppl that feel the need t tek piss out of other teams results it will end up coming bak on them and how much of a twat do u feel now so much so that u stop writing your witty little blogs about them other clubs. I read alot of sporting blogs but have never known a blogger write such conflicting things it wasn't long ago u fancied the bubble blowers to finish top ten lol im so glad I cant stand wet spam n uve added t that hate n everytime they loose I sit back rub my little belly n chickle my tits of just glad not t be a passanger on the feel shit factor express to the championship league 1 league 2 the conference and behond hahahaha