Friday, 24 January 2014

Leeds United's McCormack to West Ham? Over Allardyce's Sacked Body!

OK we have bought some shit down the years, but Ross McCormack would really take the biscuit - providing Benni McCarthy didn't eat any left behind by Eggert Magnusson and the barrel has been kept hidden from Allardyce.

True the Scot has banged in a few goals in the Championship but how many players are capable of making the step up? And he's no spring chicken is he?

It doesn't take a high wattage bulb to shine in the darkness, and in the current Leeds team, a Lions Midget Gem would shine like the Koh-I-Noor. Good God, when you are compared with the likes of Podgy Kenny, Warnock Junior, Reg Varney, Shit Brown and Hell Hadji, you'd have to have two prosphetic left legs and be right footed not to stand out from the crowd.

If we are really interested in him then it can only be because we are planning for next season in the Championship. McCormack has Ted MacDougall and Derek Hales stamped all over him, a decent player in the lower divisions but hopelessly out of his depth in the top division.

And as hard up as Leeds are, they won't sell him for what he is worth which is somewhere between £1.5m and £2m.

Leave well alone for God's sake - just look at what Becchio has "achieved" at Norwich!


Anonymous said...

Did u see what he can do against spurs?
Becchio cant get in at Norwich because there is better players there for that position, where as if Ross goes to you spam danglers he will get plenty of playing time because u don't have better already there! £3.5m already turned down, how far will u go?

jed shed said...

Loving the prosphetics. Learn to spell. You don't need any help making yourself look a cnut!

Anonymous said...

HF, you seem to have forgotten your post of just a day ago

Hammersfan 23 January 2014 22:01
"McCormack is the only one who isn't a comedy act!"

Seemed to rate him a bit 24 hours ago…whats made you change your mind or are you now just writing for a reaction in this post….????

Anonymous said...

LOL I now make that 3 players in 12 months that have rejected moves to West Ham in favour of Leeds United!

Anonymous said...

The fuck is a "prosphetic leg"?

HF's gone crazy blowing too many spunk bubbles again!

TurdsOut! said...

McCormack is 27 - is in an average Leeds team and is in the form of his life and is the highest scorer in the Championship. Rickie Lambert is 31 and he's not done too bad has he?

Anonymous said...

Yep.. writes kevin in Manchester. .. it would be depressing to splash four or five mill on another version of Maynard or Baldock.

Anonymous said...

tony cottee - what does he know? "I recommended Ross to the Hammers about four years ago when he was at Cardiff and I think if we had managed to secure him to play just behind Andy Carroll up front then it would have been a very exciting combination.

Many people have suggested that we should go after Jordan Rhodes at Blackburn. To me he is a goalscorer, but McCormack is a lot more than that, an outstanding talent who I would still like to see us buy before the end of the window, though I think someone needs to go out before that could happen."