Sunday, 5 January 2014

HT Nottingham Forest 1 West Ham 0 - We're shite and we know we are!

So the first eleven are crap, the squad players are crap, and the kids are crap too it seems based on that first 45 minutes.  If this is anything like the team we will field in the Championship next season, then we will fall straight through the division!

Mind you, the kids aren't the worst players on the pitch! Look at Jarvis yet again! Time and again he has been one on one with the full back, and time and again he has failed to beat his man and get in a cross. The guy is summed up by that moment when he tackled himself, "firing" a cross against his "standing leg" and knocking the ball behind for a goal kick. Hopeless!

But then Downing has been no better. Captain's armband? The guy is walking around the pitch and is not tracking runners. Poor Potts and Driver must feel like five year olds abandoned on Spaghetti Junction whilst their Dad pisses off for a pint.

The tactics, of course, are hopelessly wrong too. Nobody knows what he is meant to be doing and so nobody is doing it.

Moncur? Not a chip off the old block sadly. Lleitget? Football light I'm afraid. Maiga? Needs ten minutes to think what foot to put in front of the other. Whitehead? Squeeze the puss. Adrian? An accident waiting to happen. Diarra? Slow.

Second half starting and it's no change!


Howyyoodoin said...

Painful to watch. Again. Who would willingly pay £50 to watch an Allardyce team at the moment other than loyal Season Ticket holders?

Anonymous said...

With respect I think we need a reality check here. With the squad we have we're currently a top 6 team in the championship playing away at another top 6 team. All in all this was quite a spirited effort by a young team and we shouldn't be too down hearted.

This whole Warnock appointment is sounding more and more attractive by the minute. With him at the helm I genuinely believe we can challenge the top 2 next season with this squad and maybe a couple of additions. Then we can consolidate in the premiership the following season.

Dam! As I write this I see we have now conceded a fourth. Allardyce out, Warnock in NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey at least you can say you were part of a great game even if you were just watching ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

It was funny though wasn't it? Especially after your attempt to mock Leeds yesterday then the Titwanks get an almighty thumping at a lower division team. I felt so sorry for the crying cockneys at the end,NOT.