Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Allardyce Hit Where It Hurts

Eight grand, I ask you! Eight thousand for calling the ref a coward and coming as close as a manager dare of suggesting that the bastard in black was a cheat.

I bet the guy, who pocketed a million pound bonus for securing promotion last season and stands to double that if we stay up, is destined for a sleepless night tonight.

How will he ever pay a fine of  that magnitude? Some might even hope he walks away from the game in disgust!


48-27 said...

Must be a West Ham thing. Some might think a points deduction would be a fitting punishment for fielding ineligible players. But not for West Ham.

Remind us what the fine was Armchair.

Anonymous said...

@ 00:00 Oh bitch bitch bitch. Get over it. Do your homework. Liverpool did it too. So have QPR. Blades got what they deserved trying to stitch us up with a Wigan-friendly pact on the last day. Brilliant day watching Warnock turn his smiles into cries. Which horrible club do you support moron? Whatever club, guaranteed you'll be acting out jealously because West Ham are Premier League with constant sell-out games & your club was once good but is now utter shite.

Lord Canning said...

48-27? Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Sav said...

The main thing you and the rest of the country has missed once again is that no charges are brought against Ferguson for his recent outburst against the referees because his team committed an equaliser in injury time against Tottenham. That was a lot more provocative and offending than anything that Allardyce said or did after the match at Old Trafford.

48-27 said...


Did I hit a nerve??? So easy. I love your justification. Others did it so it's OK. Nice one. Come back Lance Armstrong. All is forgiven.

And the ability to see so far into the future. That's quite a skill. Start cheating in the first game of the season 'cos you know you're gonna get stitched up on the last. Amazing.

I am duly corrected. West Ham got off scot-free for doin' nothing wrong at all. You'll have to show me the view from your ivory tower someday.

48-27 said...

@Lord Conning.

Since you ask. 48-27 is the running total of victories between my team and yours.

I let you work it out. When you wake up.

Deane said...

48-27 you miss the point Tevez was never ineligible had he been a points deduction may well have been a fitting punishment bit like supporting Sheff Utd is fitting punishment for being a northern wanker

Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is 12:39.COYI

Anonymous said...

Or having to sit through watching your team being run ragged by third bottom Villa is a punishment for liviing in an east end shithole and not having aspirations to better yourself. Does that sound about right?

Anonymous said...

No you didn't hit a nerve. Just getting a bit sick of whinging Blades looking for someone else to blame. You were shit enough to go down. That's the FACT. Warnock made the decision to pretty much match-fix v Wigan and it back-fired. You had all season to avoid that position. Warnock put you into free-fall with shit football the back-end of the season.

What you bringing Lance Armstrong into it you silly wanker? That man took performance enhancing drugs in a solo sport. Bit different from player ownership papers. You sued us on a technicality and got your blood money but your chairman's obviously a bit of a silly cunt like yourself. Cheating?? Are you Fucking insane. Tevez is just one man. One player on a team. Not six men. Not the referee. Still 11v11. Not heaped up on perfomance enhancing drugs. Just a bit of paperwork.

I suppose it must like being in an Ivory Tower to you. That's a long old drop to your level from the BPL. Call it what you like but you flopped on the pitch when your fate was in YOUR hands. West Ham didn't send you down. You shot yourselves in the foot and you're still limping it off. COYI