Monday, 25 February 2013

Depressing Team Screams Allardyce Conservatism

Give Osborne control of the economy and the nation loses its triple A rating; let Allardyce run your club and austerity bites deeper and deeper when in comes to attacking intentions.

Tonight's team makes depressing reading. No Noble - is he injured? O'Neil plays ahead of Collison. Tomkins doesn't even make the bench. Demel starts so Bale will be licking his lips!

Where's Vaz Te? Injured or jettisoned? The OS tells us nothing!

Does this team inspire?

Demel, Collins, Reid, O'Brien
Diame, Nolan
Cole                                       Jarvis
I would love to be proved wrong but it looks the wrong team to me. Is Paulista still at the club?


Kareem said...

Noble has an arm injury apparently. Good point about Tomkins. Vaz Te on the bench. Sam says he will play Paulista "Eventually"


rick said...

Allardyce Out no game for 2 weeks they looked tired last 10mins so where do we go from here Sam plz go & take that shit with you

Tony said...

I thought we played as good as we are able but many squads are just stronger than us AND more lethal in front of goal AND more decisive at the back. Jussi was outstanding, says it all. We have as many points as could have been expected but I fear its not going to be enough with whom we have to play. Why we don't play away anymore will cost us I fear, I've seen it before over the decades and we are sliding to relegation, as Villa have a goalscorer.