Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Should Allardyce Start Sweating Following Di Canio's Resignation From Swindon

Well he lasted 12 months longer than I predicted, but Di Canio has walked away from the Swindon job, exactly as I said he would do. There's no denying that, based on results, he has done a fabulous job, but in terms of high maintenance, he is Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli and Jordan rolled into one. Talk about flouncing in and flouncing out again, in a little over 18 months, the Italian has thrown more hissy fits than a whole school of adolescent girls.

So, where will the Italian end up - the eventual asylum excepted. Many West Ham fans will start banging the Paolo drum. Let's face it, the guy is revered at Upton Park and his infamous Nazi salute to the Lazio Ultras won't represent a problem to the moronic faction that shame the club every time we play Spurs.

The timing is bad for the Di Canio Wannabe Hammers, because Sullivan and Gold are not going to gamble on the Italian as we move into the death throes of the season. Much better trust to safe hands will be the prevailing wisdom. But if we escape the drop on the final day, or worse still go down, then Paolo will be very much in the frame unless somebody has nabbed him first. Leeds United perhaps?


Anonymous said...

So Di Canio lasted a year and longer than you predicted? So he didn't do excactly like you said he would. You're full of shit so shot the frig up. Idiot.

Lord Canning said...

No other posts on this topic as yet and I've never been the first (only) responder. Any way, I was drawn by the topic and then saw the post had little to do with a sweaty BFS and more to do with di Canio bashing.
Should BFS be worried? In the short term No. However, BFS hardly endeared himself to the faithful with his opening ''the West ham way has only got them relegation'' gambit. Personally, I don't like him, but he did get us back up at the first attempt and we had 23 points on the board at Christmas.But the performance at Villa had me yelling out for a 'bit of the West Ham way' and go down all guns blazing rather than the less than medicre dross that he served up that day.So, short term,No Sam will stay until the end of the Season, but if PdC is available in the summer, let's consider the possibility of getting him on board.
I don't think we will be relegated but I do fear for next season unless there is something of a change. I can forsee Villa with their young team coming straight back up passing us on the way down. They have invested in youth and yes, it will get them relegated but they will come back as a young, strong unit. Meanwhile, what of our Academy or should I say Championship Loan school because BFS doesn't rate any of them. If he did he would play them rather than the shite he puts out now.

Old Skool Iron said...

DiC anio.

Now that's my kinda guy.

Anonymous said...

Its all over for the Hammers. They are gonna drop faster than a Ho's drawers on the Old Kent Road.

Time to plan ahead. See if you can head hunt that promotion expert Warnock from Leeds.

After all, he will be available when Di Canio gets the Leeds gig.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the 'West ham way' can't be implemented by the half dozen donkeys in the first team squad. There are some footballers still at the club, but they rarely 'shine'. As for DiCanio he should go back to Italy as his 'career' here is seemingly 'over'. Still, at least he never ended it being shot and then hung upside down from a lampost eh?

Anonymous said...

He resigned because he is a man of principal - something I suspect you know nothing about.