Monday, 11 February 2013

Allardyce's Negativity Plunges West Ham Back Into Danger

Dear God, has this man got any balls? Apparently, we set up in the first half to see what Aston Villa had to offer, and once we established not much, only then did we go out to try to win the game!

What a confession from Allardyce. You are playing against a team that ships goals like the Titanic shipped water after rubbing shoulders with that iceberg, and you play a containment game! Look at the bloody team! Taylor selected ahead of Jarvis and Paulista and the Brazilian not even on the bench. Taylor did pretty well as a left back against Swansea, a far better team than Villa, and offered an additional attacking threat. But Pogatetz was brought in instead and Taylor moved up into midfield to offer additional defensive screening.

Allardyce complained afterwards that anybody watching the game would have to admit that we deserved to take something from it. Well I didn't watch the game as I was up in the mountains enjoying a winter wonderland weekend, but I don't care: if you hand the initiative to a team terrified of its own shadow, you deserve absolutely nothing from the game.

This is the same old problem that dogged us all last season. Allardyce, for all his massive ego, has an inferiority complex and doesn't understand that sometimes, just sometimes, you should set up to win a game, even if it is away from home. I called for Paulista's inclusion earlier in the week and Allardyce talked after the game of how the Villa keeper had to perform heroics at the death to hold us at bay. Well maybe, just maybe, if we had tried to score from the first minute rather than from the forty sixth minute, we might have helped ourselves to a few goals, like every other team playing against Villa has done!

Please tell me, why is Paulista at the club? With seven subs allowed on the bench, why isn't he there as a surprise package at least?

Three points from this game and we would have been in the clear. Now, with difficult fixtures to follow, we could be sucked back in to the mire. And why? Because Allardyce is a coward!


Anonymous said...

The problem we have, is that BFS is unbelievably one-dimensional, and because teams know what is coming, they cn prepare for it and deal with.

We need a plan b, and personally, I would have liked to see Chamakh of Vaz Te up front giving Carroll some much needed support. In addition, I would have Joey playing in his best position INSTEAD of Nolan, with Jarvis out wide instead of Taylor....this would give us more creativity and threat.

Taxi mick said...

I agree will all your comments ,I have always
backed Sam from day one, after Sundays performance I've had enough .Most of our problems are caused by our one dimension football,we have one plan route one,on come the subs back to route one again.After a great start this season we have been found out. I think we are in the relegation fight, its the third place that worries me, any team up to tenth place could be dragged into it, why doesn't he use paulista move joe cole into the middle take off Nolan,Jarvis on the left something different .Will he do it I don't think so

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of watching the same old dross (and don't give me the old "Well he got us promoted and look where we are now" line). I have supported West Ham Through tick and thin for 44years and I live in Nottingham, prior to that Middlesbrough. WHY? Because of the football they played. And yesterday to a very poor Villa team we were worse. No pace in midfield because its to old. No firepower up front and a defence leaking goals is a bad combination. And when the manager is using dated tactics which don;t work anymore something has to be amiss. If we can see it why can't the board and do something about it

Sav said...

I agree with all your comments about Allardyce's negativity and our one dimensional football.

However, it is a great pity you conveniently happened not to watch what must have been a revelation to you as to how good or bad Noble really is. Totally useless and pathetic in everything he did from start to finish (or until he gave away the penalty and he was substituted).

Please grab a video of the game to see exactly what I mean and what everyone saw. Noble was the biggest hole in the team. Slow, putting in wrong passes often leading to dangerous counter attacks and his tackling totally pathetic as it was when he gave away the penalty).

And one last thing. Why has Carlton Cole closed his eyes and bend his head down when standing at the wall? If he only stood still with his head up and his eyes open watching the ball, we would never concede the second goal.

Lord Canning said...

I predicted the 4-5-1 approach because that's how BFS always lines up away from UP. Even Sky tried to put a positive spin on it calling it 3-5-2. After just 16 minutes, when Villa decided to let us the ball, Noble was lumping the ball up to Carroll. Why no Jarvis in the '5', Carroll would be more effective with balls from the wings rather than with his back to the goal. BFS's comments after the game lead me to believe he'd just seem a completely different game to me. We were atrocious. Villa -no wins in 9 - were there for the taking. We should have got at them from the start -but they had the same idea and how we were not 0-1 after 2mins- God only knows.
At 2-0 we were dead, as I said recently we are not Reading, we don't come back from 0-2. The whole team played badly, but I must mention some individuals - Noble, Nolan and Pogatetz - who must, this morning be hanging their heads in shame. I know you laud the performances of Noble and usually I agree but yesterday he was absolute shite. However, I don't share your pessimistic outlook regarding relegation- this year. I'm sure we shall survive -it's next year that worries me- if we don't get that starting set of winnable fixtures and the computer give us a starting 8 like they did in 10/11.

Anonymous said...

What happened to that player with the 4th best tackling rate in the premier league? Was he playing or was he just not tackling on sunday? Zeros and Villains eh?

Anonymous said...

Sad Hammers heading for the drop...poor team...poor players...poor wonder you obsess over Leeds United when you only have this lot to look forward to

Wilky said...

Allardyce has to go at the end of the season regardless of where we finish,the football quite simply doesn't belong in the modern game and neither does this footballing relic of a manager.80's schholboy football is what we offer at best,embarrasing!!!!

Stani said...

You didnt watch the game HF? Isnt that a shame, because your boy was at his brilliant best. I thought you had topped yourself after seeing his performance.

Pogatetz is a lumbering accident waiting to happen. Jittery, uncomfortable on the ball and utterly slow. He should not be given another game. I would play Potts ahead of him every time, despite his inexperience.

But most of the problem yesterday stemmed from the fact that our most creative player, Joe Cole, was played wide. This problem arises because Allardyce is trying to accomodate the utterly limited Noble, and to a lesser extent, Nolan, into the side. When Cole came central in the second half, we began to look like a threat.

As for Noble...well it was going to happen wasnt it? Dont say I havent been warning you. The more we persist with the guy, the more games he will cost us. The penalty he gave away said everything about him.

Tomkins was having a brilliant game. So good in fact, that we should have taken him off and sold him there and then...we'd have got a half decent price. But then he went and did what he does almost every game, and made that major error that gave them the free kick that led to the goal. Thick as shiz, the guy is.

Anonymous said...

You may find that as you watch the highlights of the Villa game from your armchair they had more to offer than west ham. They had 2 goals to offer,whereas w,ham needed an own goal and had nothing to offer apart from a comedic performance.

Anonymous said...

Clearly not quite as good as Bradford City. Obviously not as good as the rest of the premiership on current form. Looks like a nail biting finish ahead!

Basildon-Iron said...

Absolute shocker of a performance, inept, clueless and totally lacking of anything that could be deemed professional. Ray Wilkins on Sky summed it up perfectly at half time "come on guys this is the premier league not division 3, it's simply not good enough". Spot on Ray.

Our prehistoric dinosaur of a manager is a clueless buffoon and the longer the 2 David's stick with him the worse off this club will be.

The most worrying part though is the post match interviews. Allardyce reckoning we were the better team and played well, deserved something from the game and just didn't get the rub of the green....what a load of bollocks. Just read Nolans article on the OS, apparently we were unlucky and played some good football. It is truly frightening if they actually believe this and if not it beggars belief that they think we are that thick that we'll just accept what they're saying as 'football men'

Carroll is useless unless you're supplying him with ammunition. We've got no wingers that can cross the ball, Jarvis has been a joke of a buy, vaz te has offered all of about 90 minutes of performance accumulated over the whole season so far, cole just wants to drift inside and words just desert me when trying to sum up Taylor.

The squad we've got is simply not good enough, jussi is fucking useless the geriatric just drops to his knees if a shot seems more than a palms stretch away, his kicking is atrocious. Demel and Reid are the only 2 defenders who offer anything. Noble blows hot and cold and is too inconsistent for me (although after Reid he would be my hammer of the year, but that just shows the gap in class in that team) a midfield of noble, Nolan, Taylor, joe cole is just too static and no one has any pace.

I can't stand the criticism of allardyce being 'long ball' as I actually don't believe that to be true it's just a lazy association with his footballing beliefs. The football we play is negative and direct, it's percentage football clear your lines, and if its away from your goal the opposition can't score. Problem is our midfielders are never close enough to the outball so it just comes back, he only gets half of his plan right and that is what the joke is. He can't see that you need another plan in football, different tactics and different styles against different teams. He has one way and that's his way and that's why he'll never get a job at a big club because he's an arrogant wanker who think he knows best. Well he doesn't and the chairman need to see sense and ship him out the moment our premier league position is safe.......rant over!

Anonymous said...

Nolan is the problem not noble. That guy is utter worthless

AppyAmmer said...

That was the word I used to people, initiative. To start away to Aston Villa with what was virtually 5 at the back (O'Brien and Taylor barely got forward) was a disgrace.

I thought there keeper had a cracking game and came and collected and held so many times, so the we couldnt get the second ball, but where was antother option? Why sit and hold tight and see what happens.

We were better in second half until Lambert made a change and then they were on top. Did we react, my arse did we, that allowed them to cause up problems and over run us in some areas, one of the reasons Noble conceded the penalty, it all became a bit last ditch.

I am totally and utterly with TAXI MICK, I have stayed with BFS until the Villa game, thats it.

@11.50 I was saying that but when you look at the money he has spent and wasted, he hasent really achived anything major. Made some decent and sensible signings early but some of it is a joke.There is a West Ham way, and this is not it.

LORD CANNING it wasent a 4-5-1, far too adventerous, it was a 5-4-1

STANI, I think that is harsh on Noble, he was only make that tackle because Lambert changed team shape and put another striker on, west ham didnt adjust and were being overrun in areas, Noble was covering. I would say Diame is more suited to holding, but where was he? where was the defence? DId we play worse when Noble came off for Cole? NO Did we play better, NO. Point being is no one played well and the team set up was wrong from the start, and to not change anything when they made subs is an outrage.

fred149 said...

Stani i will happily admit Noble had an awful game but Nolan was much much worse and how is joe cole limited by Noble more then nolan when Nolan is useless and wankand is playing in behind carroll. Noble plays holding mid so has nothing to do with Noble. Why is it every time Nolan doesnt play, we play well.

Anonymous said...

shit team, and pathetic away support,that,s why your only the 7th biggest club in landon...........deserve to go down...bunch of fannyboys...up the villa..

Stani said...

" WEST HAM’S flops have been shamed by Wellington Paulista — who snubbed a sunshine break in Dubai to stay here and play in the snow..... Reserve-team striker Paulista was invited to join the party but told boss Sam Allardyce he would play in Friday’s Development Squad game against Southampton."


Stani said...

Dan Potts (on his assist for Paulista): "I just played a one-two with George Moncur and I only had one thing in my mind and that was to whip it in the box," he added. "I've trained with Wellington and he's a finisher. He showed that against West Brom. He gets in the right areas at the right time and as long as you put it there, he's going to be there. He loves to score goals and that's what good strikers are about."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sad Hammers heading for the drop...poor team...poor players...poor wonder you obsess over Leeds United when you only have this lot to look forward to

Nah. We'll stick to being mid table in the PREMIER League rather than mid table in a very poor Championship, thanks anyway.

When was the last time you were in the top division?

Anonymous said...

Spurs next#0-6

Stani said...

Noble was caught like that because he is slow. If he was quicker he'd have either successfully got the ball or he'd have been able to move his leg back in time without blocking the player.

Tactics and changes wise, I agree with you. It just looked a certainty that they were going to do something with the players they had on.

I've supported Nolan because of his past knack of getting goals. Now that those have dried up, his limitations have been exposed. And it's not like he has not had chances in front of goal. I just don't think he's taking it all seriously enough. Guy's on a chill…captain, who is it seems blindly trusted by the manager, has his best mate at the club….life couldn't be better. Needs to be dropped.

fred149 said...

I also dont see why spence and potts never start better then what we have.