Thursday, 31 October 2013

Reid to Arsenal for £6m? £26m more like!

Well I know we have been taken for mugs more than a few times in the past when selling players, but not even West Ham would consider letting Reid leave for anything less than £15m. And given Arsenal now have money to burn, if they really want Reid the bidding should begin around the £25m mark.

Dear God, how many years is it since we sold Rio for £18m to Leeds? The idea that Reid could go for a third of that sum is absolutely laughable.

Just look at our defensive record this season. Okay, Man City tore us apart, but leaving aside that game, we have looked wonderfully organised defensively, and Reid is the best player in that superbly performing back five.

It's probably a nonsense report, but it would be reassuring to hear Sullivan and Gold telling Wenger that he would need to beat the British transfer record for a defender if he wants to prise the New Zealander away from us!


Anonymous said...

Worth noting that when City tore us apart Reid had flown back from internationals just two days before, £6mil is an absolute joke

Anonymous said...

Kevin in Manchester writes..

I think he's in the top two of centre backs that we have ever had, Rio being the other. I agree, if they want him make their eyes water. I think they'll bid for Ravel too, as he can't return to the north west, and Spurs and Chelsea have overstuffed midfields - £60 mil the pair?

bubbles said...

Give them Tomkins and throw in a few Air Miles . Reid is the future of the Hammers defence . Build a team round him and Ravel . Get rid of the loyal deadwood and start moving forward .

Anonymous said...

What aboutthat other bloke. Erm...... Bobby something or other I think it was.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, £3mil max!

The Shak said...

Reid is West Ham. He is the heart of our defence. He's been honing his craft for the past few years. It would make NO sense whatsoever to sell him. If we're moving to the OS, I'm sure the Davids would want the best possible team we got. Aren't they trying to change the mentality of being a selling club?!? It would really astonish me if they even consider a bid for Reid, no matter how big it is. Only a few of our first team players are a liability these days. We can't really point any finger at our current back 4 (Reid, Tomkins, Raţ, and Demel). They've been great for us so far. Players like Jarvis and Maiga are the ones who should be sold. The fact that BFS praises our defensive work week in, week out, says something.