Saturday, 26 October 2013

West Ham set to continue with false number 9 at Swansea

Let's face it, whatever team Allardyce selects, we will be using a false number nine at Swansea. Analysts went way over the top after our win at Spurs, hailing the self proclaimed tactical guru for his genius in unveiling his new "False Number 9" formation, failing to understand that Alliadichi  had been employing the same tactic since the start of the season.

Be honest, you couldn't find a more "False Number 9" than Mogadon Maiga could you? In fact, the guy is a "False Footballer" based on everything I have seen so far. Brainless. Clueless. Gutless. Passionless. The big difference at White Hart Lane is that we started the game with 11 players on the pitch instead of the 10-players-plus-Mogadon formation employed by Allardyce up until that game.

Now, it seems, Carlton Cole may start. It is true that Carlton, unlike Mogadon, has a presence but he has been a "False Number 9" all his career, being a striker with an allergy to the back of the net! Carlton is an excellent footballer, just as long as he has his back to the goal. However, show him those terrifying white posts with that dizzying crossbar connecting them and the nauseous inducing netting behind, and the poor guy loses the ability to control his body: his eyes glaze over, his head spins and his legs turn to jelly.

And the final option, Petric, hasn't scored a goal since Christmas.

Poor Laudrup must have been having sleeping nights ever since that 4-0 thumping of Blunderland!


jim said...

get off coles back atleast he wants to play for the club
we need support at the moment and three points not just articles on our weaknesses wich are many
all summer weve had a whos who of strikers who we were gonna sign i dont think its bfs whos to blame its the dildo brothers all they kept saing was we need a striker that is an urgent requirement they even go so far as to name strikers boney zappatta etc when john lyall was manager he said who he was gonna sign the day after we signed the play gold and sullivan promissed the earth and delivered nothing the names we were linked with were laughable to say the least funny it peaked around season ticket renewal time
now we cant sign anyone until january so all we can do is get behind the team and support them and hope we can get a few points in the bag before january coyi

Anonymous said...

Kevin in Manchester writes... yep carlton has a goal allergy but he may hold it up long enough for someone else to get on the end and as you say playing with eleven beats ten ... I am hopeless when it comes to prediction but I think we will do all right on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Well said coyi

AppyAmmer said...

I think that is harsh on Cole, give him decent service and some faith and even the England manager rates him (all be it Capello)

Under BFS Cole was brought off the bench with WH either winning therefore hanging onto a result and lumping the ball upto him with no support. Or when chasing a game with 5 mins to go and losing the shape of the side and going 2 up.

Under Zola, it was proved that Cole could not only play, could score plus could score stunning goals. (V Spuds for example) All was going well until Zola enforced a tactic changed that buggered it up!

Cole for me should be ahead of Petric and Maiga and should never of been released, he has adapted the way he plays to try and fit in with the way BFS launches the ball forward yet Doesnt get supported up to by people like Nolan like Nolan supports Carroll.

Although totally agree with Maiga, playing with 10 men when he plays

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with you more.. carlton cole is the worst excuse for a striker

Anonymous said...

Negative football u deserve t go down