Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Will young Lee show Freddie Sears what might have been?

So another Academy product is out on loan and, based on recent history, that may be very bad news indeed. Yes Noble and Tomkins both had their loan stints - as did Rio and Judas Defoe of course - but more recently, when a kid is sent to the lower divisions, it generally means that he doesn't quite have what it takes to cut it at the top.

Whereas Spurs have sent young Carroll into the Championship, our youngsters tend to end up a rung or two lower on the ladder, and whilst they look good playing in amongst dross, they find playing with the bigger boys in the top division beyond them. There have been a few we have been excited about but Hines, Stanislas and Sears all proved to be duds and Potts may not be training on.

We had hopes about Lee when even Allardyce brought him on at Old Trafford and against Stoke, but if he is going to hack it, he needs to tear up the First Division and score stacks of goals. Freddie Sears has found his level at Colchester; the hope is that Lee will prove more than one cut above the man once hailed as the new Tony Cottee!


fred149 said...

Ive seen lee play and hes better than all our current strikers.

Anonymous said...

#scum you really are dross

Anonymous said...

The only problem for a striker playing with donkeys is that if you don't get service, you end up looking like the chump at the party. And it ain't your fault.

Not happy that Lee is playing below the championship.

Bob'sYourUncle said...

Are you stupid? Or completely unaware that some of the BEST talent is loaned out to create more mature complete players. DON'T blog with a lack of education. Please. Are you forgetting about young ravel and them gem he is turning out to be ? Or Andros Townsend who spent 3 loan years in league one and two before a loan to QPR last year.

Anonymous said...

hey fred149 do u know what has happened 2 westhamfans.org havent been able 2 access it in days?

Anonymous said...

off topic folks a couple of points at the man city game have been bought to my attention .firstly the news that inside the ground a group of Muslim guys knelt down and begun praying. It didn’t get a very good reaction so I’m told.id like to know what people think. m y thoughts are that this is a football arena not a place of worship no matter what your faith maybe. Also I’m told that the club sold tickets to the local community some for 5 pounds. a season ticket holder told me he has written to the club infuriated with this as some fans sat near him who pays a great deal more and actually cheered when city scored. he complained to a steward and was told to sit down.

fred149 said...

Anon, you to? Site domain has expired apparently.

AppyAmmer said...

We will never know if these young kids are good enough with BFS in charge. He hates younger players and his treatment of Spence proves it.

His first season in charge and we had a youngish lad (was Spence 19?) who had a pretty good season, playing lots of football in the championship for Bristol City.

Perfect opportunity for the lad to prove himself in a claret and blue shirt, what does numb nuts do? Buy 2 right backs and take risks rather than play the younger kid that is proven at this level.

Why sign Demel who in his first season rarely finished 90 minutes and was constantly out injured?
Why risk it all O'Brien who must of considered retiring after being dumped by Bolton? (although in the end I think he has been a decent player)

While BFS is at the helm young players will never get the chance, his treatment of them is terrible. Sometimes young players need first team games with better players around them to develop.