Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cheeky Crystal Palace Chump Chamakh in Lying Claim

So, after signing for the mighty Crystal Palace, prize chump Chamakh, who along with Pogatetz made a determined bid for a place in the Worst Ever West Ham Eleven side last season, has accused Allardyce of "lying" because he wasn't given game time at Upton Park.

What is that if not a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black? Never mind Allardyce lying, surely we could "do" either Chamakh himself or Arsenal under the Trades Description Act for sending us a player purporting to be a Premiership striker.

Palace have probably landed an excellent signing, however, as Pogatetz can spend a season settling in before, hopefully, finding his level next season in the Championship.

Mind you, Chamakh has stirred things for Diarra by claiming that the sulky Frenchman warned him about Allardyce in advance. Expect Alou to go out on loan again before the window closes!


Anonymous said...

So contrary to what you might want us to believe, all is not so rosey at the spam danglers!

USA Dave said...

I expect Diarra, if asked, to say that he and Sam have hashed out their differences and if he ever sees Chamakh again in private he will tear him a new hole for throwing him under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Chamakh - another flop who can't do it in the PL