Monday, 5 August 2013

Half Time - Lisbon 1 West Ham 0 - Anything but sporting!

Hang on a mo, somebody should tell both sets of players that this is a pre season friendly, not a winner takes all show down. Some of the tackles have been distinctly tasty and at one point, both teams were on the point of a mass brawl after Maiga was trampled on. Very unseemly.

Up until the award of the dodgy penalty in the last seconds of the half, we looked pretty good and should have been ahead, with Nolan missing a sitter after a Morrison shot - yes Ravel is playing at last - rebounded off the post straight to Captain Kev in the six yard box. Two things to say here. Best he misses them in friendlies and it's good to see that knack of being in the right place at the right time persists.

Defensively we have been good, with Reid and Tomkins looking assured, Noble screening them effectively, O'Brien doing his usual tidy job at right back and Taylor slotting in at left back. Anyone know where Boomtown is? Shopping in Harrods with Florin perhaps? But then again, he probably just doesn't like Mondays.

Jarvis has been poor. Cole has put in a shift. Maiga looks stronger physically but just as frail mentally. Haven't really noticed Morrison apart from that shot. Taylor conceded the penalty and lost possession to start the move. Jussi has missed one corner, flapping in a Green like fashion, and spilt a long shot which went straight into his chest.

Not a bad work out. No shame this far. Team looks fit, physical and up for a fight. Well, what do you expect with Allardyce in charge?

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Welcome back... you've had quite a spell away...