Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hardly a Gold Cup performance but Cheltenham win is better than an Aldershot defeat!

Well it is a relief that the game is out of the way to be honest. Vaz Te scored to make a case for being retained, and the Morrison hype machine received another boost with his strike. 2-1 against a team from the bottom division isn't anything to get excited about, but it's a bloody site better than losing 2-1 at home to Aldershot!

The performance did, however, suggest that the squad depth is not as great as some would have us believe; and Diarra's performance in particular was reportedly woeful. He is French and he doesn't want to be at West Ham so the sooner we offload another Le Sulk, the better for all concerned. And those who favour him over Noble really should put their hands up and admit to being very wrong indeed!

That's right Stani and Sav, bend at the elbow, tighten the muscles, point your fingers to the sky and...

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fred149 said...

I can't wait ti see how, Stani claim Diarra is better than Noble this time... The 50 caps for france will be there main point to his argument