Saturday, 31 August 2013

Half Time: West Ham 0 Stoke 0 - Blowing our lines rather than bubbles

The last time we had a chance to go top of the Prem for 24 hours, Bolton came to the Boleyn and Green made two terrible errors as we folded 3-1. And based on that first half, the team are intent on blowing the opportunity again.

The back 5 apart, we have been awful. Maiga has missed another nailed on opportunity, making a hash of a header from a rare Jarvis cross. Jarvis has been poor but has looked like Messi when compared to Downing who took until the 16th minute to pass the ball to a member of his own team. Nolan has been a passenger. Diame has looked lumbering. Noble has been caught in possession waiting for some movement, any movement, ahead of him. All the football has been played by Stoke and it is only thanks to some typical blood and thunder defending from Collins and Reid, that we are not behind.

The only encouraging news is that we surely can't be that bad in the second 45! Allardyce will be laying into the team as we speak, and texting Sullivan and Gold to say "Fcuk wage caps, I need a fcuking striker who at least knows what a fcuking goal looks like!"


daz said...

he has one in vaz te, the three games maiga has started has proved he will take a decade to achieve half of what vaz te has for the club

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why don' you fcuk off you just write the obvious crap

James Starr said...

I thought we were going to be good this season, but a win to prem new boys, then draw to the toon and lose at home to stoke......look out championship here we come again......fat allerdyke out.