Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Curbishley's back! At Fulham thank God!

Well we thought he had shot his bolt when he walked off in a huff because of the sale of Anton and McCarthorse. Curbishley was linked with a whole string of jobs but nothing materialised and even his talking head appearances on TV seemed to have dried up; not surprisingly given his hang dog look and East End accent.

But Turds is back! And not as a coach, nor a manager. No! He is back as the "Technical Director" - and I bet he is writing out the word technical over and over again in the hope of learning how to spell it!

You can picture him in his caravan down at Stone, saying to his wife: "Look at that love. Go on read it. Technical Director. Not manager. But Technical Director. Now what do you think of that then?"; only for his wife to reply, "I think that tea will get cold if you don't drink it up. Another spoon of condensed milk perhaps?"

Poor Muelensteen must realise that Turds is there to replace him, should results not turn around quickly. And how ironic would it be if the former West Ham manager were to pull off another Great Escape, this time at West Ham's expense? Mind you, there's no Tevez to help him this time!

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gosh that was jolly good fun