Wednesday, 18 December 2013

West Ham Link To Spot Fixing Investigation

So our former big white Colombian hope, Christian Montano has been dismissed by Oldham Pathetic because of the Spot Fixing allegation. Young Montano is presently launching a claim for unfair dismissal (he learnt something from Curbishley then!) but it seems strange that the club would do something so drastic without being pretty sure of their ground.

Of course, this is not the first time there has been a link between West Ham and Spot Fixing.Years back there was a rumour centred around a throw-in conceded immediately from kick off, with a player - who I will not name for legal reasons - belting the ball high into the stands by way of starting the game. Word around the training ground was that he had placed a bet on a throw in being conceded within 15 seconds of kick off.

All that is in the past though, the worry is the present and how much the present squad may be investing in us not scoring a goal over 90 minutes of a game. As soon as Jarvis and Maiga are named in the team, they could be buzzing friends to give them the nod. "100k on West Ham not to score in the first 45 minutes, another 50k for us to be goal less after 70 minutes, and another 10k on no West Ham goal scorer by the end of the game." Dear God, we could all be multi millionaires on that basis!

Maybe that's how Sullivan & Gold are planning to clear the debt!


Anonymous said...

Kevin in Manchester writes..

or you could bet on a clean sheet .. in am among the blizzard of criticism at the top of the pitch.. we have acheived eight clean sheets in 16 games which makes the lack of a striker capable of scorinhg all the more heart breaking.

Hammersfan said...

Trouble is, Liverpool scored four, Norwich scored three, Palace scored one and Sunderland should have had three. Without Reid we are struggling.

Travelling Hammer said...

and of course ironically Jarvis and Maiga go and score tonight….did you have fiver on it HF?