Saturday, 21 December 2013

Manchester United 1 West Ham 1 - Let's ignore the first 45 minutes!

Well it could have been much, much worse. A goal down far too early and two goals behind at half time, the clever money was on the Mancs to run in four, five or six. But credit where credit is due, we maintained our effort levels and actually drew the second half 1-1.

To be honest, with Rooney pulling the strings brilliantly, we were always up against it. If only injury had kept him on the side lines, we might have come away with something - but West Ham just aren't that lucky.

So we set up again to frustrate and hoped to steal a goal - and things were going to plan until we dozed off for a free kick, which United took quickly before slicing through us like the proverbial knife through butter. Rooney played a lovely pass to Welbeck and he shot under Adrian's body into the far corner. Would Jussi have stopped it? Possibly. And Collins falling on his arse as he tried to keep up with Welbeck didn't help matters.

The second and third goals were brilliant. Poor Ginge was done all ends up by Januzaj who finished superbly, and for the third, Rooney fed Ashley Yong who hit the ball first touch with a beautiful bend into the top corner. No chance for any keeper in the world for either of those two!

And with the landslide poised to crush us, suddenly we went up the other end and scored. Maiga slipped a decent pass through to Carlton Cole, beating the laughable attempt at an offside trap, who closed in on goal and, miracles upon miracles, nut-megged the keeper to score. Who needs Andy Carroll when you have the mighty Maiga and Cole, the new Cottee and McAvennie!

So, we left with our heads held...well at least not hung in shame. Collins was withdrawn - we can't afford to lose him as well as Reid, but McCarthorse and Tomkins kept Rooney and Hernandez at bay, albeit both might have been shown red cards.

Typically Allardyce is moaning about the referee because a penalty wasn't given when Morrison's shot slammed against Cleverley's hand from two yards - he might like to reflect on a shocking foul by McCarthorse which would buy a red six times out of ten and a Tomkins foul that stood a 50-50 chance of inviting dismissal.

Best thing about today was the other results! We are STILL not in the bottom three! Fulham and Palace lost at home, Sunderland couldn't beat Norwich, West Brom and Hull shared the spoils and Cardiff moved a step closer to sacking Mackay. Surely with Carroll back, we will be better than that lot!

Playing ratings: Adrian 6; Demel 5 (the two first half goals were created down his flank) Collins 6, Tomkins 5, McCartney 6; Noble 5, Taylor 5, Morrison 5, Jarvis 3, Diame 6; Maiga 5 Subs Collison 5, Rat 5, Carlton Cole 6


Dunlopilo said...

I mostly agree with your comment, but for the Adrian / Jussi one. I don't know if Jussi would have stopped that vicious dipping shot from Welback. I even doubt most keeers would have been able to.That first goal decided the match in a way, because it gave Manure the confidence they needed, and shut us down. It came from a wrong refereeing decision (where did he see a foul?), an amateurish slow reaction from our players, and the inability to close the door. Trust me, the shot was extremeyl difficult to stop.

BUT, ask yourself if Jussi would have made the super save at the first minute ? Would he have kept the shot that bounced on Mc Cartney out (adjusted to hia left post) ? Would he have come off his line to capture those air balls ? Would he have kicked long enough to put a bit more pressure on the opponents's defence ? Probably not. I think Adrian played a good match.

Anonymous said...

From my vertiginous perch in the Alex Ferguson stand the first half was depressing not because of how Sam did or didn't do, the players were simply bone idle and when they were not they were sloppy. Second half we woke up but still badly hamstring by Maiga's failure to offer any outlet to midfield no surprise when we got one back. Morrison ...petulant and lackadaisical in the first half pulled the strings impressively in the second half. Do not know what this means for the future

Anonymous said...

"Maiga slipped a decent pass through to Carlton Cole"

if noble did that pass you'd be touching yourself up over it

Hammersfan said...

Not really because he played a pass over five yards and Cole would have been offside but for Buttner who, I suspect, was out of Maiga's field of vision.

Dunlopilo said...

I think Maiga saw Buttner canceling Cole's position. You can see on the replay he looks to the right after giving his pass to Cole.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, what a tool you are. I had to stop reading your sham match report when you referred to "the proverbial knife through butter". Which proverb would that be the Mr Fraudster? Where were you sitting for the game anyway? "Drew the 2nd half 1-1"? How many points do you get for that then, you tit? One last question.How many moons does your planet have?

Hammersfan said...

I think the key words there are "after he gives his pass to Cole!"

Anonymous said...

Makes a change I guess, you're usually in the habit of ignoring the last 45 minutes.

Dunlopilo said...

Doesn't mean he was blind before the pass. The replay on tv doesn't show it one way or another.

Hammersfan said...

Dunlopilo, this is a guy who, in the game against Sunderland, played a straight six yard pass to Joe Cole who was five yards offside. Cole looked at the ball, let it run dead behind the goal line, shook his head and trotted back to the half way line for the goal kick! That's how much vision Mogadon has!