Saturday, 14 December 2013

Half Time West Ham 0 Sunderland 0 - Lucky not to be dead and buried!

What a truly dreadful 45 minutes. Sunderland should be at least two goals to the good, and even though Marriner seems to be in the pay of Poyet, that is disgraceful.

Maiga, as usual, has been hopeless, failing with his two good chances to hit the target on either occasion, whilst Jarvis has been even worse. How many chances has he had to cross the ball, and how many times has he hit the ball yards wide of any West Ham player?

But they are not alone in being inept! Where is Joe Cole? Did Allardyce sub him after 3 minutes, because he hasn't been in the game and has offered zero cover for Demel as Sunderland have penetrated down our right time and time again.

And Ravel? Two dribbles apart, you wouldn't know Morrison was on the pitch.

Collins has been chucking himself in front of the ball. Tomkins has played his part in keeping Sunderland at bay. And Diame has been a tiger in midfield. But those three apart? Well never mind not being at the races, we look as if we are in the knacker's yard!

Sooner or later Larsson is going to find a Sunderland head from a corner or free kick and then God knows how we will find a reply.

What changes can we make? We are being outnumbered in midfield so God knows. No Nolan, so do we turn to Taylor? Perish the bloody thought! Sullivan has one signing lined up for January, he needs five or bloody six!

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daz said...

but this is the start of the revolution? the start of life without Nolan! against the bottom team at home, with Morrison behind the striker and Jarvis/joe cole on the wings, diame back in the middle, this is the team most fans wanted to see, they say with Nolan playing we play with 10 men, I put it to you, we are playing with 3 or 4 men today