Wednesday, 10 October 2012

After Watford and Nottingham Forest, Will Birmingham Now Beat Leeds In The Take Over Race?

How long has this Leeds take over been dragging on for now? Bates has blamed London lawyers, but that sounds far too convenient. We can always moan about solicitors, and the fact that they are Southern Softies just makes the excuse all the more palatable for Leeds fans anxious for the club's soul to be sold to Shatan. The small print must be bloody small for it to take so long to read. Jarndyce versus Jarndyce was a less protracted affair!

News of the Forest take over broke at the same time as Leeds announced a confidentiality agreement and Birnam Wood has since walked on Dunsinane, whilst tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow the Leeds deal creeps in its petty pace till the last syllable of  all recorded time. Statements issued by the club are full of sound and fury but, to date, still have signified nothing of substance.

Watford's Godfather style takeover has been completed too. Men arrived with violin cases in the middle of the night, there was a flash of light in the darkness of the Watford corridors and suddenly Consiglieri Duxbury, Godfather Nani and GianFredo Zola were unveiled. Meanwhile at Leeds, Old Mother Warnock continued to complain that his cupboard was bare.

And now Birmingham City have announced that they are in take over talks themselves. Who would bet on the ink being dry on the Leeds deal first given all the delays to date? Yesterday, Leeds were compared to Pamela Anderson. Perhaps that was wishful thinking. Maybe, just maybe, the prospective owners are not waving but drowning, desperately hoping for a financial lifeguard to come to their rescue and keep the deal afloat?

It's all happening in the Championship; it's just not happening at Leeds!


Anonymous said...

Who cares if they do? And why would you care less? You're supposedly a Wet Spam fan.

crusader knight said...

they compare us to pamela anderson because they think we are a bunch of tits

Anonymous said...

Your breath smells

Anonymous said...

Still talking about Leeds then! You complete troll! Leeds United a club with a big history and soon to have a big future! West Ham no history, no trophies and no future under a porn king! You are an embarrassment to your club! Why not talk about your own little club instead of poking at a giant!

Anonymous said...

Huddersfield, Crawley, Norwich?

I Don't care about these clubs

Leeds, Birmingham, forest?

I care about Leeds , the others are not my club....

West Ham, halifax, Sheffield Wednesday
Who do you are about.
West Ham

What on earth are you doing going on and on about Leeds

You have deffo got a slate loose

Coookie said...

Simple question. Why doesn't it mention your obsession with Leeds in your bio? Its clear that you seem more into Leeds than West Ham.

Is it the same for all the Hammers? Are they all secret Leeds fans - or just you?

If I was a West Ham fan I think I would tell you to stop posting about other clubs and concentrate on your own - but then again - there isn't much to say about a poorly supported, rubbish team.

MOT Leeds and Proud!

Anonymous said...

Beating Leeds to the takeover....

Like schoolyard banter
My takeover is faster than yours,

nah nah ne nah nah
Get back to the playground with your dollies!

Anonymous said...

About four and a half months.

Rob Atkinson said...

Meanwhile, in the even longer-running saga of Dr. Weevil's futile attempts to prove to us he's some sort of writer (he is actually - a crap one) - he has resorted to pretentious quotes from Stevie Smith as well as some more in tune with his own level of authorship, like nursery rhymes.

The not-so-good Doctor seems to feel that takeovers should be done quick smart! - and that being first to get completed attracts some kind of prize - whereas, in the real world it's all about doing it right, and tying up the myriad loose ends in such a big deal, especially when dealing with so slippery a customer as Mr Bates.

But all that is logic and common sense, which are adult concepts stratospherically above the head of the labouring Weevil as he toils away, trying to attracts readers who will laugh with, and not at him. More and more people seem to feel that he should turn his talents where they may be better employed, stamp collecting perhaps, or rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere.

There must surely be something he can do that will let him shine, for as a blogger - let's face it, you'd get more wattage out of a dead match.

Anonymous said...

Again Leeds, Warnock, and Bates, and here's me thinking you support wast ham. PLEASE, stop writing about us because we will very soon be swapping places, and being Leeds we never kick a man when he's down, nat the done fing me owd china.

Anonymous said...

"it's just not happening at leeds"? well we're 7th on a 5 game unbeaten streak, forest are 12th, watford are 14th and Birmingham are in a lowly 21st.... football isn't about the ownership it's about the league position and I know damn sure where I'd rather be!!! MOT

Anonymous said...

Hahaha The Mafia story was funny as for Leeds its not so funny just neverending made worse by old news being repeated.Ah well another 3 weeks yawns

Anonymous said...

Yet another attention seeking shit post by HF

Anonymous said...

"It's all happening in the Championship; it's just not happening at Leeds!"

haha YOU ARE Alan Partridge!!!
Needless to say I had the last laugh..

If you blog was paper, it would be pulped

Anonymous said...

who the f@ck is shatan? sounds a bit iffy, mind you, rather have shatan than bates at the helm! p.s your a nob

Anonymous said...

Transexual tracey

Anonymous said...


Hammersfan said...

Wow Rob, is that you? Handsome bugger aint ya? Did you spot the other literary references? I'd expect you to recognise the nursery rhyme and Stevie Smith was a good spot but there are others. How about this for a Stevie Smith rewrite?

In his penthouse
Sits Bates
And he scoffs.

Hammersfan said...

To the moron imitating a West Indian, your posts are revoltingly racist and I will not post them. All references to cancer will also now not be carried because of the offence it may cause to relatives of those suffering from cancer. Nor will I post nakedly homophobic comments in future. Using the F and C words is also a guarantee that your comment will not be posted. Sadly, too many of you Leeds fans are utter morons. If you wish to express a point of view that others can read, try to express yourself decently.

Leeds Mick said...

Stay tuned lads and lasses as from tomorrow i shall be providing you all with 8 or 9 predictions for the weekends, football. So have your pens and fixed odds coupons at the ready.

Anonymous said...

Oh you also slate other teams too .... At least that evens it out a tiny bit. Strange though, most supporters of a football team only really care and comment about that team and couldn't give a monkey's about any other team, are you in fact not a hammers fan at all, you possibly don't even support a team either that or you are quite clearly jealous of all the attention these other clubs are getting that Wet Spam are not ..... Ahh never mind !!!

Anonymous said...

Is the moron imitating the West Indian more racist than you hf? If you ban all the abusive comments on here it'll just be you and your various alter egos talking to eachother. You closed the door on decency and sensible debate a good while ago. Rather hypocritical asking for decency when your posts continually use exploitative images of women. Also,you have absolutely NO evidence whatsoever that the cancer comments etc are from Leeds fans. So if i was you i'd be very careful in who i insulted or accused.

Anonymous said...

i think he as a point

Anonymous said...

anybody taking their minds of this saga and watching the great disappointment that is england in the next week?how bout you write something about england for a change this weekend hf?

Travelling Hammer said...

Not written for a while because coming here is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when calling in on your site found heated debates with Stani, etc on Hammers news. True some those debates deviated well off football but it was between Hammers fans so it was a kind of terrace debate. This obsession with other clubs, this latest Leeds one being the worst, has ruined your once enjoyable blog. Even when you post West Ham threads these morons you have attracted with your seemingly pointless posts (because even the hit counter has gone) about Leeds now fill those posts with infantile and often sickening comments. Please get back to where you used to focus on the Hammers, even as you predicted such gloom last year only to see us promoted, it was still an entertaining read (apart from the QPR obsession).

Anonymous said...

Sadly, too many of you Leeds fans are utter morons. If you wish to express a point of view that others can read, try to express yourself decently.


Anonymous said...

"All references to cancer will also now not be carried because of the offence it may cause to relatives of those suffering from cancer"

What do you care about offending feelings? you are all high and mighty again when it suits.

Re you whiter than Leeds fans now?

I guess you are just putting out well reasoned football comment.....I don't think so.

You are purposely offending people and not just get off on it big time, and then tell people who react that they are being offensive...

You are the offensive one generating all the negativity!

You make out to be Mr Intelligent, when you are just hateful and bitter

Flat southern bitter

Anonymous said...

Don't believe this guy is anti Leeds or my club Birmingham but merely a Footy fan raising a valid point. Sullivan was v good for blues apart from pumping prices up and up which slowly put fans off even in mid Prem. We can't give tkts away at mo and new owners can't arrive too soon, kro

Anonymous said...

So paints the face claret & blue
Nature is sick of Hammerfan
Sick at his fuss and fume
Sick at his agonies
Sick at his gaudy mind
That drives his body
Ever more quickly
More and more
In the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

any more student fun to be had in poetry corner?

Anonymous said...

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you

Anonymous said...

I get it, warnock and bates are tits
hammerfan likes poetry
Leeds are crap...
West ham are great
he loves his fellow man
he doesnt want to upset cancer sufferers
he cares about racism
he cares about women & children
He has travelled widely
He rates himself as an intellectual
He is REALLY funny

Only one question remains, if all of the above is true..

Why are you spending so much energy on generating hate?

Anonymous said...

"If you wish to express a point of view that others can read, try to express yourself decently"

Its only a few weeks ago you were writing an article spouting "shitty shitty Leeds"

Does that meet your strict guidelines on taste and decency?

Or do you just change them to suit your fancy cockney sparra ways?

Anonymous said...

you seem to be turning into all that you hate !!!

I think you are starting to lose sight of what you are doing and why you are doing it!

Are you REALLY enjoying this?

Anonymous said...

if you dont want stupid posts on your blog why write stupid articles clearly just designed to draw a reaction and troll the web?

Surely you can see there is no insight, no news and no value in any of your leeds articles?? I fail to see what you get out of this apart from abuse, you are a very strange and sad man.

Hammersfan said...

Hi Travelling. Truth is, news is thin on ground at West Ham. I try to post every day on the club we love but what is there to write about?

Ignore the Leeds threads if they don't appeal. Do you read every article in a newspaper? Do you read every match report on the BBC Premiership page? Of course not.

Anyway, where have your travels taken you. I'm in Bucharest so if you come this way...

Rob Atkinson said...

Not keen on your attempt out out-Stevie-ing Ms Smith, to be honest. And yes, I spotted the other references - I'd have been more impressed to see a bit more originality though. Scattered sprinklings of Dickens and Puzo et al do not an article make, and you've a lot to do, it seems to me, to refute charges of obsession and a determination to cast every development in this saga in the least favourable light possible.

Perhaps you need to remind yourself, regardless of club affiliation, that there are thousands of football fans, albeit of a Leeds United persuasion, going through an extremely uncertain and frustrating time right now, that it's been dragging on since May/June time, and that your repetitive sniping is not helpful, seeming (as it does) calculated to pick at the running sore this takeover has become. A little empathy wouldn't go amiss, in other words - and I'm not talking about occasional weasel words of sympathy masking yet more amateur satire, but something a bit more supportive and constructive.

Then again, maybe - because Warnock is involved, or perhaps because you're all too keenly aware that your club is owned by a porn baron and you'd be envious of a beneficial takeover - you really don't want to see a positive conclusion, and you're just indulging yourself over and over in the dubious joys of Schadenfreude.

If that's the case, all I can ask is that you make the jokes a bit less weak, the satire a bit less laboured, and just generally brighten your ideas up. Then at least I might have something worthy of a serious reply to work on, and I can raise my game above the level of wearily dismissing your latest lame effort.

Travelling Hammer said...

Accept your point about not needing to read, but the Leeds scum infiltrate posts on WH, at least you are drawing the line on posts on cancer. "Banter" with QPR fans never sunk to those levels but what should we expect of a group of fans who sing of the death of potentially the core of what might have been the greatest English team of all time. As for travels its still the Middle East (departure lounge Kuwait right now) and USA, doubt I'll get to Bucharest, but you never know and there was always the idea of Hove when you return one summers day.....

Hammersfan said...

Hove. A day at the races perhaps? Enjoy your travels and keep updating me. I know these Leeds morons can be revolting but what do you expect when their golden era was founded on Revie's Machiavellian brand of bullying football? How fitting will it be if Bates sells them to Shaton?

Anonymous said...

Back at you Travelling Hammer. While you were so busy kissing up to Hammersfan after your brief falling out, you overlooked a couple of points

1)His answer that he writes about Leeds because there's nothing interesting at Hammers is complete shite. He will use ANY excuse to write a Leeds article because he revels in winding up Leeds supporters. This is a guy who posted a pic of a Pole Dancer just because Leeds selected a young player named Dom Poleon (yawn)

2) Now that YOU have gone on to insult the Leeds supporters this will only add to the vitriolic comments from the Leeds fans who dominate your West Ham 'terrace banter ' blog that you so longingly crave for a return to.

Not very clever at all Sir.

Anonymous said...

Leeds fans morons?
West Ham fans - cultural stylists

Anyone heard of the inner city firm?

Anonymous said...

you conveniently forget to mention
Leeds also won the league not so long ago

Beating Alex ferguson's Manchester united.....beckham,scholes,giggs....

Out footballing them with

The kind of football Hammers fans can only dream of!!!

love xxx

Anonymous said...

you are wrong in all your assumptions !

Anonymous said...

maybe we could meet one summers day in Hove and share a glass of Pimms
and chat about poetry...

I wish I could be in your gang!!!

Anonymous said...

Hammer likes whippets! Hove a good day! pond life!!

Anonymous said...

"Truth is, news is thin on ground at West Ham. I try to post every day on the club we love but what is there to write about?"

First bit of truth you have spoken..

West Ham are about as interesting as a day out Hove!

Hammersfan said...

0802, that was a one man team as was proved when you stupidly sold that man to Manchester United. Yes you won a title thanks to the genius of Cantona, but you groomed him for Manchester United and unleashed the total dominance of the English game by your most hated rivals as a result. Better never to have won that title perhaps than to have played at God and, like Frankenstein, created a monster. And look what has followed for Leeds!

Hubris my friend, hubris. Get too close to the gods and you anger them. Ask Prometheus. And no, he's not a Greek centre back playing in the Championship!

Hammersfan said...

0825, I remember the game well. But what a shame you selected that "highlight". The score was 7-0 at that point and the Leeds team showed disrespectful contempt for fellow professionals when humiliating the broken and dispirited Southampton players in that way. The truth is, had the boot been on the other foot, Bremner or Giles or Hunter or Charlton would have broken somebody's leg. I seem to remember Clough expressing disgust at Bremner's behaviour in that phase of play. You remember Clough? Won more European Cups with Nottingham Forest than Revie et all ever won with Leeds. What a shame you didn't give him time to remodel an ageing team!

Anonymous said...

Hammersfan, If you remember that game well, then do some research on it,. It was not taking the piss when they played 'keep ball', it was easing off on going for more goals, at the instruction of Revie, so that a higher, more humiliating scoreline did not develop.

I remember Clough by the way, what a shame he didn't have Peter Taylor with him at Leeds to temper his natural animosity towards players he despised and also what a shame he turned into a public drunk who made a fool of himself cuddling the fans on TV in a whiskey induced haze

Anonymous said...

Cantona played a small Cameo at the end of that Championship season.
By the way, which club was the supporter from ,who abused him so disgracefully, that he sent a 'Kung Fu' kick flying into the crowd ?

Anton #LUFC said...

Problem here is you're not saying anything that we don't already know. You're just trying to wind people up. Doesn't work with some of us. Regardless of what Bates has recently said ref: delays etc. this is a large, complicated and important piece of business for both parties concerned. Problem with some people (including yourself, otherwise you wouldn't be acting like a prat) is a lack of patience and understanding of the complexity of such deals. So change the record.

Anonymous said...

Re: Leeds 7-0 Southampton haha

"anybody who loves football must enjoy this clip"
"tremendous skills, great players, performing and enjoying it, entertaining the crowd"

the Words of Sir Bobby Charlton !

Anonymous said...

"The truth is, had the boot been on the other foot, Bremner or Giles or Hunter or Charlton would have broken somebody's leg"

Making it all up again!!
Is this a fact or a figment of your imagination?

Anonymous said...

everyone knows Clough regretted what he did at Leeds, later in life when he was older and wiser admitted he showed a lack of respect to international players.

I suppose you think that the Damned Utd was fact?

Even the scores of the matches in the film/book were even changed for dramatic effect

Anonymous said...

"91-92 that was a one man team"

Strachan Batty Mcallister and speed in midfield....

one man team..

Did we win the title????

Did you have a one man team when you came 3rd in your best season ever !!!

Anonymous said...

Prometheus , yeah I get it , just come out on Blu-ray so now you are an authority on Greek Mythology?

Hubris off !

I remember played your lot in 92 at Upton Park....poor crowd as always

Think we beat you usual
and condemned you to relegation
We won the title that year..

Your silky skilled Julian Dicks scored....from your famous silky skills academy...oh wait a minute...his nickname was "the hard man" and "the terminator"

Dirty Dirty Dirty Dicks
Shitty Shitty Relegated West Ham

Anonymous said...

"I remember the game well. But what a shame you selected that "highlight". The score was 7-0 at that point"

Remember any West Ham games????
I can remember one header from Trevor "I ruined England" Brooking, thats it, end of

Leeds were more interesting then and far more interesting now..You even admitted that in this post

What attracts you to the dullards of WH?

A team so dull, a day out in Hove reading poetry with another fan feels like "rock n roll" xxx

Anonymous said...

Every bit of News on West Ham is DULL and these are from YOUR OWN FANSITES !! hahahhahahahahaaha

West Ham play out DULL draw with Norwich (15th sept 2012)

Dont let the next game be DULL again (west ham 606)

It is true most West Ham biographies are very DULL (hammerspot blogspot)

West Ham United Online Community. ... But, yep, it's full of DULL c**** and is awful (West Ham

DULL and dire was the epithet that will probably be labelled to West Ham unless they can put this behind them (soccernet.espn)

Not surprising you have to make your own entertainment, bored with the one handed variety?

Anonymous said...

How to write ..

Beginning , middle, end
Argument, evidence, linking together

His conclusion
WH suck

Lou Keemia said...

I would love to hear on the news or read in the paper about a W,Ham fan in Bucharest getting hit by a trin or car. How cool would that be?

HfHatesAsians said...

Hammersfan, with all due respect if you're trying to antagonise people at least do it with the vage, meaningless drivel you have become accustomed. If you bothered to research the 1991/92 season you would see that comment about Cantona makes you look a bit stupid tbh (don't bother coming back with later achievments as completely irrelevant). 1027 has hit the nail on the head there (well, apart from getting West Ham confused with Crystal Palace...muppet!).

As for the 7.0 humiliation of Southampton you're talking about arguably the best club side to ever grace the English game. As such I can't really see the "boot being on the other foot", can you??

At least try to pretend you understand the game.

Anonymous said...

This a factual link

We are 1st
You are Last

Bring back happy memories?

More glory for West Ham

Also you keep going on and on and on about how long the takeover has if goes into November it will be 5 months...

"It is now 20 months since West Ham United were initially named as the preferred bidder to occupy the Olympic Stadium"

I hope you get your move, it will be great to see if you can increase your record crowd from that of 3,000 above Halifax Towns best

Glory Glory West Ham United

Nice article here on Trevor Brooking !,,-1080329554548,00.html

Anonymous said...

The day Dirty Dirty West Ham hacked down silky skilled Leeds, got 3 players sent off, and were punished with a 5-1 hammering..

You must be glad to see the back of us

The last 20 years tell their story
Leeds v WH head to head
14 Leeds wins WH 2 wins and a record defeat at Upton Park

Hey checking out West Hams History - Who says you never win anything?

You won the Southern League Division 2 in 1890...when you were known as the glamourous Thames Ironworks- you were big in cockney land when pigs bladders were used as balls.

Anonymous said...

Thuggish Morons

West Ham are number 11
Leeds are not mentioned - we are family club with no history of trouble ;-)

Anonymous said...

Brain tumour victim Glenn Roeder was taunted with chants of "tumour boy" by West Ham fans on his return with Newcastle. Roeder was manager when the Hammers were relegated in 2003.

King said...

Cockney-English translations,with the cockney word or phrase on the left and the English word or phrase on the right. Fink-Think Free-Three Fort-Thought Fanks-Thanks Was ya?- Did you? Feery-Theory. Well that's settled the argument as to who the utter morons and knuckledraggers are. None of the above are based on any archaic stereotypes either. You only have to watch the post match interviews with people like Lampard,Ferdinand,Noble etc.

Anonymous said...

we all love leeds we all love leeds we all love leeds we all love leeds thanks for the support hf

Anonymous said...

Was Jimmy Saville a Leeds fan?

Hammersfan said...

"In Cantona's first season at Old Trafford, United won the inaugural Premier League by 10 points – winning the title for the first time since 1967. In doing so, he became the first player to win back-to-back English top division titles with different clubs."

Hammersfan said...

1436, we have our morons too. Lots of them! And I would never condone their disgraceful actions, including hissing to simulate the gas chambers when we play Spurs. Utter scum, like the Leeds scum who leave racist and obscene comments on here.

Hammersfan said...

"Make no mistake, landing Robin van Persie is right up there with the acquisition of Eric Cantona back in 1992, when winning had become a forgotten art-form for the country's biggest club. A brilliant manager buying a brilliant player will always make sense."

Anonymous said...

And chelsea,fulham,qpr,arsenal and spurs beware. West ham having allardyce as manager is the equivalent of man u having ferguson.

Anonymous said...

10:27 here,sorry I inferred it was a West Ham Moron who Cantona Kung Fu'd. It was of course a Palace fan, my mistake.

I confused one piss pot team for another

Anonymous said...

hf your responses are getting weaker and weaker,youre losing the plot mate

Anonymous said...

just a quick update for you...watford are no longer 14th....were 6th. Speaking of 6.........