Friday, 26 October 2012

The Return of Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole

There's nothing to suggest that there's any truth in the rumours that we want Rio and JC back, but on the basis that there's no smoke without fire, they may just appear in Claret and Blue some time in January.

Personally, I believe that would be a grave error. We have enough experience in the team, what we need is pace on the flanks, and Rio is not going to offer that is he? I can see the argument that Rio paired with Winston Reid might offer the ideal combination of experience and pace down the centre of the defence, but that ignores the fitness problems that Ferdinand has experienced in recent years and the huge salary he would command. Why shell out £100,000 a week for somebody who is likely to spend game after game on the treatment table?

As for Joe Cole, his number is up. Was he ever as good as Redknapp claimed? If so, he has underachieved horribly. Or was he really an illusionist, a player possessing a bag full of tricks but who offered very little when it came to the real deal, competing at the highest level in football?

I suspect it was the latter. Redknapp talked him up too much and Cole believed his own hype. but honestly, try to remember "great moments" in a career stretching back 13 years now and you will probably come up with no more than ten.

Nostalgia is all very well providing it doesn't cost you anything. We have already brought Collins and Benayoun home and that's enough old boys for now. It is time to look to the future, not look back, and to find hungry young players with a future ahead of them, not fattened old cart horses looking for a pleasant pasture in which to herald in their retirement.


Anonymous said...

Well said, my thoughts exactly, hope there is no truth in either rumour.

Dean Spicer said...

When I said on a previous post we'd benefit from another quality centre back I didn't mean that sack of crap. Old and past it, and like you said always injured. Plus I've always thought he was overrated.

I'd much rather see Collins and Reid there than one of them replaced by an expensive Heat magazine celebrity.

Who're we gona pair him up with? Tulisa off X-factor?

I was hoping they might think it through a bit more and still be ambitious but go for someone who would benefit the team rather than just sign autographs, become the best pal of the club doctor, and cost a fortune. A bit like Kieron Dyer.

I hope they try and pursued someone like Brede Hangeland, or Phil Jagielka, Robert Huth or Ryan Shawcross. Some of them might seem a bit ambitious but who would have thought we'd spend £10,000,000 on Matt Jarvis or sign Yossi or Carroll?

I'd also like to see the addition of someone like Neil Taylor at left back.

These sort of signings would give us more depth in terms of quality.

Rather than some over the hill prima donna.

USA Dave said...

And with Demel out for three weeks, he could be returning to his injury woes of last season. We need cover at both right and left back far more than we need Rio, Joe Cole, or even Tevez!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with USA Dave, the full back issue is so stupid as its been a problem for like 5 years. I still hate how Tomkins is left out. He far succeeds Collins but Tomkins isn't old enough I guess and he doesn't make enough mistakes for allardyces likings. Everyone knows the only signing we need for sure is LB. but we all know tht won't be done


Anonymous said...

Ha ha,you could've done with cole and ferdinand today at wigan. Going down.

Anonymous said...

I also just hate how tompkins gets left out. Its just sooo unfair. At least millwall arsenal and fulham won though,thats got to be good for London. Right?