Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Clattenbung Under Investigation At Last!

Well it had to happen sooner or later, but an investigation for racist language directed at Chelsea players is not what I expected!

This guy has always had a whiff about him as far as I'm concerned. There's too much controversy. Too often he is the headline story rather than the players involved in the game in which he is officiating. The ludicrous Merseyside derby a couple of years back stands out most in the memory, but this weekend's game between Chelsea and Man Utd was destined to rank up alongside it, even without the allegation that Clattenbung directed racist language at two Chelsea players.

So, what did the bastard in the black say? Maybe he reversed the word order! Apparently, his fellow officials will have heard everything he said but can we trust them to ditch the dirt on one of their own? Unlikely.

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Sav said...

The last person that could have made any sort of comment about the foul on Torres is Ferguson himself! And what does the man say? "I think he could have stayed on his feet therefore the referee was within his rights to send him off!" What bullshit and audacity from the man who controls more than half the referees in England. When someone kicks you on the sheen your natural reaction is to fall. No referee is justified to penalise a player because he was kicked and "he didn't stay on his feet". But it is with statements like these that the master of football deceit controls the referees in England. Ask Sir Ferguson how many ghost penalties his team were awarded over the years. Ask him what he would have said if that was given against Rooney in Old Trafford. What hypocricy, really.

The reaction of the media is also pathetic. They should not be afraid to say the truth. That was a foul on Torres. It doesn't matter whether they think he could have stayed on his feet or not. IF IT IS A FOUL, IT IS A FOUL. Surely, you don't reward the culprit by sending off the victim!