Monday, 29 October 2012

Zola Curse At Watford Strikes Again

So, poor GianFredo is perplexed again after Watford folded to yet another defeat. According to the adorable Italian, there seemed no way that Blackburn would score as the game ticked into the 90th minute. The former West Ham manager complained:

"I honestly couldn't see them scoring because they were not causing any particular problems to our defence so I thought the game was gone.

But you have teams that never give up until the end so you can't say the game is gone."

He added: "I can't classify it as a fortunate goal. With no disrespect towards Rhodes who scored a good goal, but probably towards the end we started to defend too deep and when you do that, you know it's always a risk."

Bloody hell, after all these years in the game you would have thought that Zola would have realised that it is a 90 minute (plus injury time) game and that it only takes a second to score a goal.

If Watford were defending too deep, why the fcuk didn't he do something about it?

And as for "teams that never give up until the end", might I suggest that he coaches his team to last out a game? To lose one game in the 90th minute may be bad luck, to lose two in succession screams incompetence and, as we always thought at West Ham, poor physical conditioning.



Anonymous said...

Losing to Wigan .... Just goes to show how good West Ham are ...... Big Sam next for the axe

Anonymous said...

We also had 9 men in the first and could've won? Fcuk's sake, you really have it in for Zola don't you?

Anonymous said...


Sav said...

HF, I was hoping that you will post an article about English referees after the weekend of fiascos. Referee errors have decided the allocation of points to Premiership contenders such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Man. Utd, Everton and Chelsea. And all in one weekend!

Clattenburg (the self declared Man Utd. fan) has exceeded all records. In one half, after I suspect Ferguson somehow passed on his message to him at the interval, he crusified Chelsea and granted his old team 3 points with a clearly off-side goal. The dismissal of Torres for being the victim of a foul is also unbelievable!

I often said, that the referees in England are probably the worst in the world. Moreover, they seem to be immune to criticism.

One more thing. What happenned to Stani? Did you do something to make him to make him leave again?

Anonymous said...

Er, we lost the last game because we had 2 players sent off and a dodgy penalty awarded against us when we were 1-0 up away from home against Cardiff (you know, who are top of the league).

We lost against Blackburn because we were not attack minded enough and dropped too deep. I would've been more concerned if Zola had not recognised that, but he did. So far, every time he has recognised a problem, we can see a marked improvement in solving that problem over the next few games.

Vic Road said...

Actually we probably lost because we had arguably our best 3 players either injured or once again suspended for ridiculous reasons. Highly fancied Blackburn got a big slice of luck in injury time, that's just the way it goes sometimes but I'm not losing any sleep about it, or nowhere near as much as I would if I were a hammers fan.

What happened? Surely you had to beat Wigan before your run of easy fixtures came to an end ... Fail! so I guess that means the honeymoon is over and we will be seeing you back down here next season, I've backed it maybe you should too.

Anonymous said...

I remember when this was a West Ham blog [sigh]

JP said...

Guys (TGGC) you need to get over him, he's gone.

Not saying he's the greatest manager we've seen (yet) at the Vic not the worst either.

He's bedding in a new way of playing (ball somewhere near the deck) and that takes time. We'll judge at Xmas how things are going.

As others have said, late goals is something he'll address.

Please get on with your lives, Wet Spam is your club concentrate on them.....

Anonymous said...

I think west ham are more interested in us than in their own club!

Anonymous said...