Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another Great Day For West Ham As QPR And Sunderland Draw

Brilliant - two perfect results for West Ham which leave us in seventh and keep both QPR and Sunderland well adrift of us and low on confidence.

Watched the QPR game and boy did referee Moss make some mistakes. Both sides were denied nailed on penalties and the Pineear sending off was a disgrace. But even playing against 10 men, QPR weren't good enough to win.

So sad for Dyer, Green,  Zamora, Anton and Fernandes. Not!


PM24 said...

Feels good to be a west ham fan right now HF. I'm loving the confidence and cohesion of the team and the togetherness of the players, which is mainly down to BS and captain kev. Most of all I'm enjoying the performances of mark noble. He deserves all the praise he gets and I love seeing him in the first 11 as an integral part of our team, enjoying his football in the top flight. I'm off to Wigan next week, and i am confident of a win, cheap beer and loose women!

Anonymous said...

Hello HF you got PMs now then i see