Sunday, 7 April 2013

Half Time - Liverpool 0 West Ham 0 - Next 45 minutes or so could be dangerous!

Well that's the best 45 minutes West Ham have played at Anfield for as long as I can remember. In fact, with a decent number 9 leading the line, we could even be ahead!

That said, the defending has been brilliant but last ditch on too many occasions. Vaz Te put in a superb tackle which, if slightly mistimed, would have been a nailed on penalty. Tomkins tackled Suarez superbly deep inside the box - and that was a hair's breath from a penalty too. And Collins and O'Brien have been throwing themselves in front of the ball at every opportunity. A cruel deflection could well give Liverpool the lead. Even Demel has got in on the act, stretching into a tackle to put the ball into touch when exposed as the last man.

Mind you, the best football of the half came from Diame with his brilliant weaving run into the box. Why didn't he go down under the final tackle? Even a homer would have been tempted to point to the spot in front of the Kop!

You felt a Liverpool opener was coming from roughly the third minute to the forty sixth, but we are usually two down by now.

Must go. I have to pray before the second half kicks off!

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