Monday, 15 April 2013

Will Financial Fair Play scupper West Ham's rise or make it easier?

The Financial Fair Play rules are on their way and are already being offered as an excuse for not buying Andy Carroll. However, the club must be in a much healthier state now than when Sullivan and Gold took over. Heavy weight wage earners such as Dyer and Parker have been shown the door, and a whole host of over rated, over paid and over here clowns have been shipped out.

That said, Nolan didn't join us for love, even if he knew that Sam would play him come what may. Jarvis must be on a hefty package too. Joe Cole won't have come cheap. And Carroll's wages are massive.

So it all sounds bad news until you think it through. If we have problems, so will other clubs. Do Liverpool want Carroll on their wage bill. Absolutely not. And they will do pretty much anything to offload him. So suddenly his transfer fee is likely to fall, and a deal on meeting some of his wages might be in the offing too.

Carroll might well be destined for Newcastle, but clubs will be looking to offload a host of players who are not pulling their financial weight. Jordan Rhodes has been linked, and Blackburn have no choice but to sell him. Will Spurs fancy paying Defoe's wages if it means that they can't afford Bale? What about the fringe players at Man City and Chelsea?

Suddenly new opportunities in the loan market are likely to open up as clubs anxiously look to save on their wage bill to comply with the rules. If West Ham pay 50% of Carroll's wages, that at least saves Liverpool 50k a week!

These are interesting times. Our Premiership place is now all but guaranteed - though I still want to see one more win; the question is, can we now take the next step?


Anonymous said...

what a cock you are MOT lol

Anonymous said...

Were prob waiting for the bargain basement players ones who are coming up to end of contracts over the hill & past it then in steps West Ham who give them a retirement home & last pay packet that's why were never compete with the Man Utds Chelseas Man Citys etc etc I'd just like to see some decent signings ie have a few youngsters in the team for when they move into the OS we need to get rid of some dead wood like Nolan McCartney Taylor & Vaz Te not good enough for the prem COYI

Anonymous said...

Always excuses with G & S how did you wangle to buy the club when deep down your hearts aint it always going on about money do us a favour & stick to wearing your stripped pjs you tight bastards Mr Fernandes come & buy West Ham from these muppets plz

Hammersfan said...

1818 You must be joking or Wrighty! Have you seen what has happened to QPR since Fernandes took charge? He's another Eggert!

Anonymous said...

At least he spends money on players as for Eggy how thick are you wasn't he's fault but Icelandic banks couldve happened to any club as for Fernandes he spent big in Jan window trying to save QPR who did we sign oh yeah Cole on a free Pogatetz & Chamakh loan signings so where's your case are you happy with dross football & poor signings by G & S big Sam out & take your poor signings with you as I'm sick of same tune we've got no money if that's the case why don't the muppets spend or shut up or do some of us a favour & sell up also no thanks to OS not with oaps as players I'd like to see something for my money & can't say I've been truly entertained this season not like the days of Pards who brought in players for next to nothing can't see G & S taking us anywhere only for mugs

Hammersfan said...

Would you rather be where we are in the table or where QPR are?

Anonymous said...

Hey Hammersfan what is your point? If West Ham hadve been in QPR position all season what wudve happened would we have spent money of course not as for QPR all I'm saying is the man backs he's mouth with spending I'm happy where West Ham are but when they go to OS do they change name to Bolton as the football aint that entertaining that's why we need to spend or who will we get cos of pay structure don't take a einstein does it

Anonymous said...

"scupper west hams rise"? You taking the piss? You've chosen to let a handful of west ham fans witness your delusions and eventual breakdown too. Enjoy it everyone cos Leeds fans certainly do. He's a teapot don't you know?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about all that. G&S have a lot of shortcomings but they do give off a vibe of providing us with a bit of safety. QPR are going to come unstuck in a big way if they don't bounce straight back up.

They ain't tight either. They broke the transfer record for Jarvis. I for one would rather not see another load of signings like Bridge, Dyer, Ljungberg thanks very much for the sake for some fans feelings appeased.

I spend a small fortune going all over the shop to follow West Ham but I like to think my money is being invested in the right way.

Stani said...

There's no doubt that Gold Sullivan and Brady have done a lot of tidying up regards the financial side of our club in order to stabilise us, so they should be given credit for that. But let's not ignore the fact that it was first and foremost in their own interest that they did so.

With that positive acknowledged, what concerns me with them is their tendency to make huge errors in judgment. Avram Grant is an obvious one. Another in my opinion - with the assistance of the manager - was the purchase of Matt Jarvis for potentially £11 million pounds. If you think the owners are feeling that they made a mistake there, then you're mistaken. Even as recently as 6th April, in her column in the Sun, Brady was trying to justify it:

"TWO goals from Andy Carroll and three points closer to the shoreline. By any reckoning, our man Sam was right to insist that we bought winger Matt Jarvis from Wolves last summer. Stats shown to me today reveal Jarvis as the Premier League’s leading open-play crosser of the ball with easily the most successful attempts at 42 from 171.

Analysts suggest this is because Sam Allardyce prefers traditional wingers aiming the ball for big strikers. Perhaps, but that’s a gross under-estimation of Jarvis, who can be quietly devastating.

It worked today as Andy scored twice but we have to be without our loan player at Liverpool this Sunday and someone else will have the pleasure of meeting Jarvis’ crosses.""

Firstly, you would have to ask why someone has felt the need to show her stats on a player. Have there been questions raised about the purchase of this player behind the scenes? Is someone trying to justify the purchase with stats?

Secondly, anyone that puts the stats to one side and watches the actual football will see what Jarvis produces. Yes they are crosses but they are 9 times out of 10 lacking in any pace, direction or quality. Jarvis' sole aim it seems is to get to the byline and get the ball in by any means, seemingly unconcerned about it's effectiveness as long as it counts as a cross.

Lastly, Brady's words suggest that Jarvis and his crosses somehow played a part in Carroll's two goals when neither of Carroll's goals in fact came from Jarvis' crosses.

Regards Allardyces comments on not being able to afford Carroll because of the financial rules...I think this is a deliberate attempt by the club to bring down the price of the player. Now consider the fact that had we not wasted £11 million on Jarvis, we would have been in a far better position to buy a more effective player in Carroll. On the evidence of what Jarvis has provided so far, I dont think he'd have been missed if he wasn't brought in.

I would like to make clear that I don't really want to castigate the player...I'm merely arguing that he is not worth £11 million. That is an international class price tag and Jarvis I'm afraid is not international class.

It is their propensity to make such errors in judgment that concerns me about our owners, going forward.

Anonymous said...

Im a Leeds fan and think if West Ham can get their move to the Olympic stadium, and can fill it with fans, there is nothing stopping them becoming a power of the English game. If implemented strictly, FPP will work to the advantage of clubs with big catchment areas, big stadiums and good academys.

Hammersfan said...

Interesting Stani, will run that as a thread and respond on there.

Stani said...

No worries