Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A 3 Year Contract for a 31 Year Old Romanian Rat? Findus did a better deal!

Ok we need a left back, but £35k a week for a Romanian left back who has been plying his trade in the Ukraine? What a joke! And it gets worse. The guy is 31 for pity's sake, and we are reportedly offering him a three year contract. Madness.

I suppose the absence of a transfer fee makes the deal a little less crazy but I currently live in Romania and, believe you me, you need to look every gift horse in the mouth before you agree to include it in your beef lasagna.

And it's not as if the club have happy memories of Romanian players is it? Roland Rat is probably planning his shopping trips to Harrods even as we speak!

Hang on, sourcing a dodgy old Romanian nag? Dodgy lasagna? We must be planning for Tottenham!


Revolver said...

Ok this is only a rumour but this is what happens when you have a twat like Allardyce in charge.

Money gets wasted either on has beens who Allardyce has managed before (Matt Taylor), or players nobody has heard of - and the reason nobody has heard of them is because they're no bleedin' good!

Of course, Allardyce might just do what he's done with several players this season - sign him but never play him (Paulista). Or play him and then realise he's shite and never pick him again unless he has no alternative (Pogatetz), instead of realising he was shite from the word go thus avoiding a waste of time and money!

While that dinosaur is our manager for every Diame you can expect us to sign 2 Chamakhs.

I don't care what anyone says. Under Allardyce we will always play with one up front and in terms of playing style, the club will go backwards as a result.

Stani said...

Let him play first HF, then bash him if you want to. Could add some valuable experience, especially in brining on Potts. With his record, I'm sure Potts can learn a lot from him.

Concerns are the number of club appearances over the last two seasons, but that could just be that someone got ahead of him in the pecking order rather than him having injury problems. Also, the length of contract we're offering him for someone of his age.

daz said...

he has played 88 times for his country and loads of games in europe including the champions league so he is no mug, free transfer, maybe should be on a 2 year deal but hey this means we are shipping pogatetz back to wolsburg then its great news

St. Clair Iron said...

Paulista was Sullivan's signing. His son Jack blew the lid last month on Twitter. I actually respect that Allardyce won't be bullied into playing players he doesn't want by Sullivan.

SA does himself no favours at times regarding play style but who can gripe at our home form? We'd be about 7th this season if injuries and wrongful decisions were taken into account. Chamakh was just a utility signing. Carroll was out, Maiga was away (that's a better example of pay no play), leaving Carlton. No big deal Chamakh will go back.

I'm completely with you on Pogatetz. Taylor's contract should be up this year but because he's an old flame he got a deal until next year.

It's tough because we really need to focus on results and he's at least safe hands.

Anonymous said...

Looks like even the REAL wet spammers don't like you either then....

The Shak said...

Saw Ratz a few times with the national side, he's decent but getting older. The only positive I see if this concludes is that we'll have a real, natural, left-footed left back at the club, covering for the equally aging Linda.