Wednesday, 1 May 2013

West Ham's best signing of the summer!

I don't care who else we bring in, the  two year extension to Reid's contract is fantastic news. How this boy has progressed since that nightmare debut at Aston Villa when Avram played him as a right back! Under Allardyce, the lad has barely put a foot wrong and his pace and speed of thought have been key factors in our successful return to the Prem.

Great start, now let's see who else we retain and bring in!


St. Clair Iron said...

Totally agree with this post. Reid is my favouite player and has been past two years. Just my thoughts but I suspect a few of the top clubs would be after pinching him. Great bit of business.

Interestingly though, Reid cited Allardyce as one of his motivations for agreeing to stay on and you can help but marvel how he's come along since Sam took over. I have my gripes with bloke as much as anyone but he knows how to make a top quality defender.

jaybs said...

Just wish it had been a three year contract at least, Reid has had a great season and deserves player of the season for me!

Hammersfan said...

Welcome on board St Clair Iron. If you fancy submitting an article, post it via comments (the scott tracey email has been hacked) and I will post it up as a thread.

With regard to Anony-mouse, he is an old adversary of mine - we disagree vehemently on many, many things - but he is a passionate Hammer and a very well informed and intelligent guy. Take him on by all means, but he will give as good as he gets. He is an occasional visitor so may not have seen your barbed retaliation.

If you want to engage in West Ham chat, follow the link to westham. org (right hand panel). In its pomp, the site was superb but sadly many of the better contributors have now departed. With your passion and knowledge, you might re-ignite the debates!

Stani said...

Most improved player I have seen in the last two years or so in the top two tiers of English football. Agree with jaybs though, we should have tied him down for longer.

I think Reid signing basically tells us Alllardyce has agreed a contract also. I think that's an overall positive even though there are aspects of his management that I disagree with.

St. Clair Iron said...

HF- Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I may well take you up on that offer at some point. There's always something to feel passionate about with our club.

I've followed this site since last season. I might wind you up a bit and bash you sometimes but, you have a great knack at provoking a real debate. I respect you for the plain-speak, especially where it divides opinions. No fence-sitting on here!

First article I read was in the guise of Sam Allardyce after a game we won (I think). You quoted his "I'm the real Special One" rant. I actually thought you were directly quoting post-match comments because it was so like I imagine him to be. I was livid with him for about an hour. I wanted his head! I read it three times. It was only afterwards when you did it again with a bit more satire that I realised. Still not sure how you weren't picked up for slander / libel :-)

Regarding Anony-Mouse I know how clever he is. I've read the spats before. He normally managed to bring out best debate from you, it was all quite entertaining.

I knew what I was letting myself in for with him and I expect a full backlash if he sees it. That bit about naming the lounge and standards just sent me garrity. That's ok though because we're all fans at the end of it all and I know he's got the teeth to handle it.

I'll have a look at the org chat later on as well. Thanks once again for the official welcome! COYI

bubbles said...

Best defender in the club ... Has everything Tomkins hasent ... control , positional sense and pace . Player of the year by a mile .

The Shak said...

Player of the season, no doubt.

The Shak said...

Player of the season, hands down.