Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Insane business at West Ham?

Has anybody ever heard of Ludovic Sane? It sounds like a made up name to me but according to one tenuous report, we are chasing the defender come holding midfielder come butt of all sorts of punning newspaper headlines.

Sane business or otherwise? Anybody got any idea? How good is he on Championship Manager? I understand from my son that Joe Cole ends up playing for Ipswich reserves next season according to the game and that Martinez replaces Moyes at Everton! Those guys do know the game!


daz said...

he ain't exactly unheard of, wether he is much cop at this level is another matter, newcastle and sunderland are heavily linked but then that yanga-mbiwa newcastle signed was a top defender in that league and look at him, he is the clssic 6'4 big cb, experince in europe and international level and can play cdm, an improvement on diarra/o'neill but no way will he break up reid/collins

Anonymous said...

Well whether it be a tenuous link or not,i'm sure it won't stop a cretin like armchair hammer crapping on about it. See you got a massive response to your query too. Last one out turn off the light.