Sunday, 12 May 2013

Half Time Everton 1 West Ham 0 - Only half the team has shown up!

So why does it take us 15 minutes to switch on? In fact, in the case of today's game, why did it take us 30 minutes to switch on?

It seems to me that apart from Collins (who has been superb), Reid, O'Brien, Jussi and Nolan, the team think they are on holiday. Collison has been dire. O'Neil has been worse than dire. Jarvis has been direst of all. And Diame has been diarrhoea! And Demel? He's just been dozy. Carroll has had next to no service so it's unfair to judge him.

Allardyce will be laying in to them at half time and surely we will see a change or two. Otherwise Everton will run out three or four goal winners.

And yet, despite only half the team showing up, it could be 1-1, because Howard made a superb save to stop Captain Kev scoring after a lovely ball from O''Brien.

Collins has made three fantastic blocks and Jussi two excellent saves, one at point blank range with his bollocks - and he still jumped up in case of a follow up!

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