Saturday, 4 May 2013

Yeovil can blitz Sheffield United at Huish Park

Shafting United fans shouldn't get too cocky after their narrow first leg victory over Yeovil. It is true that the Glovers would have liked an away goal, but I have been on the terraces at enough games at the old Huish to know what an intimidating atmosphere can be generated by the cider swilling yokels.

There will be memories of epic cup victories from the past - not least because of the Blunted Blades' kit - and the Shafting United players will need nerves of steel if they are to progress to Wembley.

My money is on a 3-1 Yeovil victory in the second leg!


Anonymous said...

Clearly if u knew owt about football you'd know there isn't away goals rule int play offs.

Hammersfan said...

If you knew anything about football, you would know that an away goal counts, even if it doesn't count double!

Anonymous said...

if you knew anything about tying knots you'd do the right thing and swing you pathetic nerd

Anonymous said...

Poor old Yeovil, HF has never played the game and just doesn't get it. He's usually wrong.