Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Martinez to Everton? Who cares, it's the badge that counts!

So, unless he backs out as he backed out when offered the Villa job, Martinez is destined to be the next manager of Everton FC. It is, at the very least, an interesting appointment.

I wonder, when was the last time that a manager, who had just overseen relegation, given the chance to take over a top 6 team? You have to wonder what, exactly, the criteria is at Everton.

OK Martinez has done what Moyes couldn't do, he has won a trophy, but season after season, Wigan have dug themselves into a hole in the Prem and have needed a Great Escape to remain in the division. And when they have gone on a winning run, they have proved that they have had the quality to do such much better all along.

So the evidence suggests that Martinez struggles to motivate his players when the chips aren't down. Where, exactly, was the Wigan team that took Everton apart in the FA Cup Quarter Final at Goodison through the Premiership season? And where was the team that matched up to and outplayed Man City in the Cup Final when Wigan had to compete in the Prem?

Martinez is a nice guy and plays the game in the right way, but he doesn't get results. But Everton fans don't care, they are too preoccupied with the badge to worry about who manages their club next season!


Anonymous said...

kevin in manchester writes

couldn't agree more ; nice guy, pretty football not terribly effective .. the ultimate 'west ham way' manager.. everton could struggle next season ; they have the highest wages to turnover ratio in the PL and could be vulnerable to implosion as their key players are likely to leave for Manchester and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

they could end up with a terrible badge and a terrible manager

Stani said...

"...when they have gone on a winning run, they have proved that they have had the quality to do [so] much better all along"

Yes, that's a very good point and I would be a little worried if I were an Everton fan. The only hope in their case is will Martinez be able to do better (consistency-wise) with a better quality squad? Personally I feel people have been listening to Whelan singing his praises too much and have overrated Martinez. I'd have even gone for Laudrup ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

Calm down princess calm down

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha , baby lost her dummy ??? There there there , Di dums

Anonymous said...

Oh diddums,there's a pattern developing here armchair hammer. You only troll clubs that have aggrieved you in some way down the years and west ham have been a feeder club for Everton haven't they? Taking your star players. Cottee,Ward,etc. They couldn't wait to get out.Ha ha

Jamie said...

@kevin in manchester

"they have the highest wages to turnover ratio in the PL "

No, we really, really REALLY don't.

Anonymous said...

Weve now got a terrible badge and a fuc*ing terrible manager. We will be down in the same half of the table as you muppets from WHU