Thursday, 2 May 2013

Does Carroll want to relegate Newcastle?

Given he is being strongly linked with a move to Newcastle in the summer, Andy Carroll will find himself in a very strange position if, as expected, he is selected to lead the line at the weekend. If he scores the winner, and pushes Newcastle closer to the relegation trap door, then he could either scupper a dream move back to his home town club, or condemn himself to another season in the Championship.

Mind you, a confused Carroll is still a more exciting striking prospect than a committed Carlton!


St. Clair Iron said...

Good choice of topic HF. I decided to buy a ticket to Newcastle instead of Reading after the Villa game Monday night.

This is going to be a stonker of a match!

I'm hoping Carroll doesn't do a Tevez. You know how he never seems to get out of second gear against us. I had a wry smile on my face at Citeh last week because I just knew he wouldn't score. It's like it makes him feel dirty!

I actually think Nolan and Carroll will both play a blinder. Given Newcastle's recent behaviour we could knock them for six. Allardyce will be right up for it too.

It's interesting because imo we should now be making Carroll our top priority based on the fact he's been so strong, nearly faultless actually since his recovery. If Newcastle go down, that kills off the bidding war. However, that'd mean letting Wigan wriggle free again which I'd rather not see! Hate Whelan.

Cannot wait, great game!

Anonymous said...

Bless, only 1 comment so far. No West Ham fans come here, do they? Can't blame them, it's full of Leeds fans hurling abuse at you.

Hammersfan said...

Does Carroll want to relegate Newcastle?

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Hammersfan said...

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Seems the number of comments is irrelevant doesn't it 0719

Anonymous said...

how many 'visit' just to abuse you ??"" DICK HEAD ....... LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS

Stani said...

I think he'd prefer to stay with us so it's in his interest to play well tomorrow. In fact, I wouldnt be surprised if talks amongst Carroll, Allardyce and the club have already taken place where he made it clear he wants to stay and the club made it clear they want to keep him. Both parties will now try to get the fee reduced whilst not making it so obvious to Liverpool. I expect him to be here next or permanent.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary hf it just demonstrates that the 'number of visitors' is easier for you to fiddle.