Saturday, 4 May 2013

Half Time West Ham 0 Newcastle 0 - A Tale of Tiny Margins

Well was Cisse's shot over the line? If not, it was bloody close, but Reid deserves huge credit for the clearance. Most would have given it up, and the few who bothered to chase it back wouldn't have had the speed to catch it up, nor the skill to kick it clear - so even if it was just over, Reid deserves the luck.

At the other end, we had a "goal" struck off after a late, late, late offside flag. I think the linesman was dozing and had no idea which, if any, of the three West Ham players chasing down the ball was offside. Carroll's cross was excellent and Nolan finished in typical fashion. Perhaps justice was done.

But justice wasn't done when Fatty Dowd failed to book Jonas for feigning injury to relieve a bout of pressure from West Ham. The arrogance he showed when getting to his feet as soon as O'Neil put the ball out was shameful. But more fool O'Neil. There's so much feigning these days that players should only stop the game if they hear the crunch of a bone snapping.

Newcastle were the better side in the first half but tension may cut in with Wigan having equalised at West Brom. A point would suit Pardew's posers so they may be tempted to consolidate, and that may give us the footing we have struggled to get in the game.


Anonymous said...

Give up writing about West Ham. You never get any comments. Your own teams supporters think you're a bore.

Just stick to the stupid side of the blog. That's your level mate.

Anonymous said...

marching on together!

Anonymous said...

You do realise no actual West Ham fans come here? Wanker!

Anonymous said...

Tiny margins and very tiny numbers of goals scored against a struggling side. Bodes well for next seasons relegation slog. Have a nice day :-)