Monday, 13 May 2013

Allardyce Unfair to Collins &, Heaven Forfend, Nolan

I'm not surprised he was upset by the team's performance, but Allardyce was harsh on Collins and Nolan when he said only one player did himself justice - Jussi.

I agree that Jussi was superb and just about everybody else was a shower of shite, but Collins saved as many goals as the Finn, throwing himself in front of shot after shot, and Nolan was involved in most of our, all too few, moves of substance.

It was a very bad day at the office collectively but if I was Collins, in particular, I would feel pissed off reading Allardyce's comments. 

Match report via this link:


Anonymous said...

WHat a shower of S*** we were. And Sam doesn;t think we need to do much in the summer??? REALLY! First of all, we NEEEEED an out and out scorer or two, never mind Andy Carroll. We then need a creative midfielder and in Morrison we have the ideal solution.

Anonymous said...

Kevin in Manchester

heaven forfend .. I like it! the expression that is - a none too subtle hint that some players could be out on their ear soon unless they pull their finger out, methinks.

As a north west based Hammer( obviously) it does piss me off that the team so often just don't put in a shift when they travel up the M6. It is particularly the case with Everton and Liverpool.

Stani said...

Collins is big and ugly enough to take it the right way...and Nolan is pally enough to also take it the right way.

What was interesting was Allardyce's statement that "my lads today had half an eye on sunbathing on the beach and being on their holidays".

My personal view is that it is largely a managers failing when players do not perform together to a decent level like yesterday. What else is a manager's job than to get a performance out of his players?

keithahammer said...

We didn't play well at all at Everton - but they have certainly put a shift during this season to be 10th. Let's face it we would have taken that at the start of the season for sure.
The next season is the one to now worry about - like BS saying he needs a player (not players?).
I was not a great fan of the new owners when they came in, and have had to grudgingly look at the way they have tackled the problems in the club and applaud the investment made and the courage it took to do that. I was not a great fan of BS either - not completely happy yet (one season is akin to a swallow and summer) but he has earned and deserves the benefit of another transfer window and another season. If the owners make enough money available and he is as successful at finding new talent as he was at Bolton - then we might be looking onwards and upwards at last.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why we don't just sign 4 Andy Carroll type players - tall, good in the air. No point signing players like Paulista and Maiga who want to play on the ground, because we just never play that way. He never uses such players, has no plan B involving such players, so why bother buying such players and paying them to sit on a bench they'll never leave?!?