Saturday, 27 April 2013

Paulista to feature this season and Morrison next?

Dear God, the thought of it is probably giving Allardyce sleepless nights. He has a talented South American in his squad and, with survival all but guaranteed, he might feel under a little pressure to give the guy a game.

You what? Actually play the lad? But he has the F word. He has flair!

And then there's the impending threat of the Return of Ravel. This guy's a shit, no doubt about it, but Lee Clark is enthusing about him after recent performances and even Unreal City have been rumoured to be interested.

Just imagine if Paulista stayed, Morrison returned, and they were selected along with Joe Cole. Allardyce would have an epileptic fit. For crying out loud, will somebody tell them to stop arsing around and lump the bloody ball forward!


Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't seen paulista play, yes he has scored a few goals against kids, his all round game isn't up to it, if Morrison is good enough he'll play, and although you may not like allardyce, the club wouldn't be in this position without him!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, why so serious? Have a sense of humour for crying out loud! Not everything is a personal attack you know!

Anonymous said...

Morrison is an exciting talent and would be keen to see him get a run of games next season. The boy needs a break and hopefully he has matured out on loan this season. Paulista must be lacking the quality required else he would have been given a chance. Now that we are safe from relegation, its time to give youth experience to build for next season.

Anonymous said...

Spot On!

Enough to give the impression that we have Ronaldo or Romario in the reserves. Paulista is a punt that's all & if it comes off it comes off.
As for Ravel, if he is good enough and a few rough edges and temperament have been ironed out......He'll play!

Anonymous said...