Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Half Time West Ham 1 Man Utd 1 - And Wigan are drawing at Man City!

As I keep warning, this bloody relegation battle could yet get messy. You look at all the permutations and you think, surely we can't go down, but should Wigan get a result at the Etihad, the nightmare may yet happen. Unless we can get something tonight!

To be fair, we did not look like relegation candidates during that first 45, but we all know how the Mancs come on strong in the final third of a game. You'd have to fancy them to win at this stage as Demel tires and they start to exploit gaps down our flanks.

The goal apart, Collins has again been superb, but he was pulled out of position when Demel went missing and from there, the entire defensive unit was at sixes and sevens. Reid was sucked across too and missed his block and even Carlton would have netted in Valencia's position.

Our goal was excellent. Jarvis made it to the touchline in a throw back to the days of Devonshire and stood up a lovely cross. Carroll was going for goal, but Vaz Te was on hand to head home as the ball was heading wide.

Carroll has played like a bull. Nolan is playing the picador and Jarvis has been something of a matador. Here comes the second half. Come on Man City!


Anonymous said...

Thought Jarvis was superb in the 1st half. A variety of top quality crosses.

Anonymous said...

haven't you gone to the match AGAIN pikey boy

Anonymous said...

Robbed! Good result but.

Anonymous said...

Interesting analogy in the 2nd last paragraph hammer fraud. Infact it all adds up to a ton of bullshit.