Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sporting Life headline provokes trembles at QPR

Dear God, the Sporting Life really should take more care with its headlines. Just imagine the anxiety in Shepherd's Bush as the headline "Green reported to the Fraud Office" appeared on the News Now boards!

"Dear God, even the authorities have seen through Butterfingers!" a voice must have squealed in the PR office. England keeper? Worthy of a salary of 50k a week? A Premiership keeper? No wonder the bloody Fraud Office is involved!

But calm down, calm down, it's another Green entirely! Rob hasn't been found out.



Stani said...

Wasnt this supposed to go on your other blog...the one you spend most of your time on? ^_^

Devote more time to the blog about your team HF, instead of getting these cheap thrills winding up those other lot who will never learn.

Especially with the crowd over at WHTID beginning to get disgruntled, with Dale and Chandos not having posted in a while. Your chance to increase your audience.

Hammersfan said...

If you wish to submit an article, I'll carry it. Trouble is, not much to say about West Ham at moment is there?

Stani said...

Well your articles always stood apart because you used your imagination rather than regurgitate news media stuff. Why stop? There are a million things to write about, surely.

I will do soon as I get a bit of time.