Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunderland's Victory Over Newcastle Means West Ham STILL Need Another Win and QPR are Down!

Oh dear God, this season is beginning to shape up like 2002/03! How many points are going to be needed to stay in the Prem? I certainly wouldn't fancy staying on 38 and Zola's 35 certainly wouldn't have kept us up! Those draws at Liverpool and Southampton are now looking so, so, so precious.

Still it could we worse, we could support QPR who have no chance now after this one!

I hate Il Duce's politics, but you have to love the guy's passion! It was Keystones Kop football at St James' Park - have either team heard of passing the ball? - and had nothing to do with Di Canio's Italian roots, but the Black Shirts won't care. Three crucial, crucial points and Newcastle's scalp into the bargain!

Il Duce certainly caught Pardew with his pants down, and his straight arm salute went right up him! Ouch!


USA Dave said...

I'm not having a go at you, HF. Just do me a favor. Do the BBC predictor if you haven't already.

So many of the teams below us play each other on the run in that predicting a point total in a vacuum isn't that useful.

Looking forward to seeig what you come up with.

Hammersfan said...

I don't need to Dave. You seem to think that teams playing one another at the bottom is an advantage. That is nonsense as today's game shows.

Now, let's take Stoke beating Reading. They move to 37. Two more points puts them above us. A draw against Norwich draws them level. A draw at QPR takes them above us.

Newcastle beat us. They go above us.

Wigan draw with Villa and Tottenham, beat us and Swansea. They go above us.

Sunderland beat Southampton and Stoke. They go above us.

Now move to Norwich. They beat West Brom and draw with Stoke. They go above us.

Which brings us to Villa. They beat Sunderland and draw with Villa and Chelsea, they go above us.

Now I accept that is the nightmare combination of results, and that we should pick up at least one more point, but tempting fate is stupid in my book. I want another win, then I will relax; and until then, I will stress!

Anonymous said...

You know about as much about Di Canio's politics as I do about yours!

Stop being a melt. West Ham have 4 home games left. We play so well at home this season. We'll pick up more points.

Wish we'd sign Di Canio. If he can turn that Sunderland team into a 0-3 at Newcastle, he'd do brilliantly for West Ham.

Stoke are in the shit though. There's 18th place, right there!

Sav said...

As a scientist HF, I am sure you know the concept of conditional probability. Simply, it means that you should multiply the probabilities of all these events happening to arrive at the probability of ending up with the outcome you describe. Even if you think that these events are likely individually, the conditional (or real) probability of having the outcome of all these conditional events happening should be very minute.

Having said that, I would sleep a lot easier if we win one of our next matches! Preferably, against MU!

Hammersfan said...

Yep Sav, but you also need to factor in the improbable which I do not include, like Wigan's sensational run of results last season, and our wins at Old Trafford and Highbury in the Great Escape season.

Who would have predicted a 3-0 win for Sunderland today? Who expected us to get a draw at Anfield? Who predicted Southampton's 2-0 victory over Man City?

Funny things happen as the season draws to a close. Birmingham were in our position two seasons back and look what happened to them! Sheffield United looked safe in our Great Escape season.

Don't count your chickens; or your bank balance if you live in Cyprus! Glad to hear from you, I was beginning to worry that you had topped yourself as a result of a Cypriot banking haircut!

Never mind the games gone crazy, the bloody world's gone crazy when bank accounts can be plundered like that!

Sav said...

How true! It is unbelievable what is going on in Cyprus. One goes to sleep one night and wakes up the next morning to be told that they stole his money at the Bank!

And then he asks who did that? And they explain it was his own Government and some European bureaucrats in Brussels with the IMF and the European Central Bank!

But don't worry, I still have enough money to buy my tickets for the remaining home games. I hope you are well in Romania.

Anonymous said...

it could be worse we could support don,t even support westhamutdonceproudclub....unless you define support by pretending to go to away games while sat on your bottom at home pretending to watch the game on a smart t.v that can not even record programmes while your out pretending that your wife would still be with you even if you had no money.

Lord Canning said...

With those predictions HF if I was you I;d get down to William Hills tomorrow and put a few bob on an accumalator.

Hammersfan said...

Yep good thanks Sav, though worried about leaving too much in a Romanian bank. So, are you back in the UK?

Hammersfan said...

I'm not predicting those results LC, I'm explaining what COULD happen. None of my predictions, individually, would offer very long odds though, would they?

Sav said...

I'll be flying to London this Friday. I will stay for about a week. If I am lucky I may get to watch the Wigan game.

It is not really safe to have your money in any European bank. They say that Cyprus is a special case, but that's not quite true. All the banks have a black hole in them. Since, it is not possible to bail them out any more (there is not enough money) they have devised the bail in method to buy themselves some time.

But anyway, nice to hear from you again. I hope we can win at least one of our next two games and then we can all relax and think how life will be in the Premiership but with Sam Allardyce for a few more years!

Anonymous said...

you pathetic nerd ,,, MOT

Anonymous said...

i suppose after sitting in your bedsit writing 20 blogs a day your still claiming to be sat in Miami or nice ?! you pathetic dreamer