Saturday, 28 September 2013

Allardyce opts for dog crap!

So Maiga starts again, meaning that Vaz Te is sat on the bench once more alongside Petric. The selection is perverse but the pig headed one knows he knows best, so it looks like we are stuck with Maiga at least until Petric or Cole are fit to start.

If I was Vaz Te, I would be well pissed. OK, the teams he has scored against are not the best, but he has scored twice, which is two more times than Maiga. The other option was to play RVT out wide, but that would be far too positive a move given his reluctance to track back. And we are playing the might of Hull Tigers remember!

The other controversial pick sees Tomkins start ahead of Collins. I fear we could end up regretting that within 15 minutes of kick off. I like JT and remain hopeful that he will mature into a top class defender, but for the moment, I reckon Collins is the better bet. But perhaps Allardyce is belatedly punishing Ginge for not taking that opportunity against Southampton!

Noble is back of course, and Rat is preferred over Demel, allowing O'Brien to revert to the right. This is a game we need to win, but the team will set up to keep what we have got. I am not optimistic!


Anonymous said...

You are never optimistic about anything.

Anonymous said...

Awful player

Anonymous said...

Maiga sucks.. I think all of the player's are whining cause they think Carroll was there savior. He sucks to. He sucked at Liverpool and wasn't worth the money they paid. Drop him keep the cash and go after real strikers in January. ..thats our only hope. Okcdirtymob!

Anonymous said...

We need to drop Nolan until Carroll returns, play Vaz te at no 9 with morrison and Petric in support.

Anonymous said...

Does'nt work