Monday, 23 September 2013

Ex Sunderland Boss Di Canio next in line to manage West Ham?

So, how many West Ham fans want him now? Not so long ago, the Claret and Blue Klan were hailing Il Duce as the best thing to happen to football management since Brian Clough. Any suggestions that he was too hot headed, and would be a disaster as a manager, were met with howls of derision from the West Ham faithful. Well, they won't admit to it publicly, but privately they might be having second thoughts now.

The Sunderland board may consider that another season in the Prem is justification for the crazy appointment, but I for one believe that O'Neill would have kept the Black Cats up anyway - they had a few lives left despite the catalogue of injuries.

And if O'Neill's sacking was knee jerk, Di Canio's appointment screamed short termism of the very worst kind. Sure, a firebrand manager will get an immediate reaction which may be worth a win or two, but sooner or later, millionaire players are going to think "Bugger this for a game of monkeys" when the man at the top reveals himself as a complete arsehole. Allardyce may be one dimensional tactically, but at least he has a track record to fall back on; Di Canio is just a jumped up little twat, end of!

Thank God we never approached him for the West Ham job because our Board would have found it much more difficult to remove him due to the adoration  he enjoys amongst our fans.  That adoration is utterly misplaced, as his Tom-foolery at Sunderland has proved, so hopefully he will never be linked with our club again.

Until, that is, Allardyce loses another game!


Anonymous said...

You really are a silly little man, are all Bulgarians like you? given a bit more time he would have come through of that there is little doubt. He has passion in bucket loads which is a far greatr commodity than BFS negative, defensive plan A only type of football. I for one wish PDC all the best and hope he finds another team soon.

Anonymous said...

I'd have him ahead of allardyce all day long.I don't care if he is mad.

Anonymous said...

Why do you even slay off and belittle your own west ham fans? Does it give you a sense of self importance? And as for Di Canio being a jumped up little twat, mayby he is but he is a jumped up little twat that made something of his life, became a world class footballer and multi millionaire! And given time if he changes his approach could become a good manager! Where as your just a jumped up little twat who sits behind a keyboard trying to get a rise out of anybody you can including your fellow fans to fuel your own ego! At least Di Canio has been a success at some point in his life!!! #growup

Anonymous said...

10.58 hear hear - spoken like a true fan - unfortunately fanny does get a rise, in his underpants!?! #sickpervert

AJ said...

Seems Dale's got something you ain't #balls

TurdsOut! said...

22:25 mmmwwwwaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaaaa bloody priceless!!!! It does seem that in a tear up between fanny and Dale, the safe bet is DALE!!! Who'd have thunk it?

Hammersfan said...

Must admit I have no idea what you are talking about 0650

Anonymous said...

Any West Ham fan who still wants Di Canio to be the manager of West Ham is totally unfit to be on the streets with normal members of the public. They are thick as sh&t.

Sean said...

0837 Iain Dale from WHTID was involved in a fight (tear up) the other day and I think 06:50 seems to think in a fight between you and Iain Dale - That Mr Dale would win.

Who'd a thunk it (is a set phrase, sometimes sarcastic, used to express incredulity) Who would have thought that would happen?; Who would have guessed it?

I believe you are referred to as Fanny or HF or Hammers Fan

Mmmmmmwwwaaaahhhhaaaaaaa is laughter

Hope that helps?