Saturday, 21 September 2013

Everton trembling as Maiga leads the line again!

So, despite looking as toothless at Southampton as a ninety five year old who has just gone ten rounds with Floyd Mayweather, the only change to the team is enforced, with Rat coming in for Demel. Everton's defenders must be quaking in their boots at the thought of trying to shut out Maiga and co for ninety minutes!

And this is Everton remember, a team who we can't beat even when we are at full strength and on the top of our game! If I could bring myself to bet against West Ham, this would be the game I would select. If the Toffees don't win this one, I will be very pleasantly surprised!

Allardyce clearly hasn't hit upon a plan B yet. Hopes that Vaz Te might start along with young Lee have been dashed. Forget movement, forget angled balls, forget subtlety, it seems we intend to pump it forward regardless of the fact that we are pumping it forward to nobody!

Still, Maiga may surprise us! Finger crossed. The Everton hoodoo may be laid with a Maiga hat trick. And look, there's a squadron of pigs flying over Upton Park as the pre match entertainment!

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Anonymous said...

Depressing i know. But 50 years ago this year,1963, Everton came to U Park in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. They were the first team to cost £1m pounds!!!! We were expecting a thrashing. But we won 1-0 from a 'Budgie' Byrne penalty. And i was there!!!! Let's hope we can upset the toffee cart today. Waited 50 years. We are due a repeat!