Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Allardyce Must Carry Can For Humiliating Defeat

What a disgrace. Allardyce is pointing the finger at his players but when you make nine changes, play a defence that have never worked together as a unit, include a kid at left back and a guy who couldn't command a place in Bristol City's team last season, what do you expect? I saw the team and groaned.

I've said it before and I will say it again, you start the season with the chance of winning just three trophies, and the title is hopelessly out of reach. To surrender your place in one of those competitions by picking a reserve team is just plain stupid. Make a couple of changes fair enough, make nine changes and you are asking to be tonked.

And don't give me the "keeping key players fit" line. If that's the case, why risk Jarvis? Surely we haven't paid all that money for an impact sub in the Prem?

And what has that game done for the confidence of those who played exactly? It's all very well for Allardyce to complain about our defending, but if I was Tomkins I would be hammering on his door and asking how a defence is meant to play together when they are strangers and when players are being used out of position. Tomkins alongside Reid or Collins with McCartney at left back and Spence at right back would have made sense; the four selected were crazy. End of.

Allardyce also said he expected better "value for money" from his defenders. Well the fans who paid good money had the right to see a proper team.

And the effect on the club's confidence overall?

Stupid. Bloody stupid!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. For once

Anonymous said...

Wow, a story about the hammers and not Leeds or qpr.

Anonymous said...

Right,lets sit back and watch to see how many people actually care a jot about your opinions and that load of tripe your team served up last night. As usual the majority of comments will be from Leeds fans eager to pass on their condolences. Still it'll satisfy your desparate need for attention. I see you lot are still confused about my dyslexia joke? What can one expect from sun readers?

Anonymous said...

Get used to it, Wet Spam will be receiving plenty more drubbings this season with their Championship level players and bonehead tactics.

Where's the troll article on Leeds? Oh wait, they knocked out a team from the Premier League.

Have fun giving handjobs for crack in Romania.

Anonymous said...

oh. and leeds won...............

Anonymous said...

"paid good money had the right to see a proper team"

A valid point however with the tickets at £10 perhaps that should have clued some supporters into expecting a reserve team.

As with against Crewe there would have been few people complaining about team selection if they had won.

The manager must take ultimate responsibility however he does have a right to be very disappointed in the players after that performance.

Anonymous said...

At least your second team got through ;) SUPER,SUPER LEEDS Super, super Leeds super super Leeds super Leeds united ! Now blog about that you cockney tw@t!

John said...

Totally agree HF. Allardyce must have known that team was going to lose, I certainly did.Was he looking for an excuse for keeping players like McCartney and Tompkins out?

Anonymous said...

You have a nasty habit of commenting on things of which you know little about. You weren't at the Wigan game you were watching us dispatch Everton. Clearly you are sharing your worthless opinions with only a couple of other w,ham fans. It renders the whole operation pointless. Do you have journalistic delusions?

USA Dave said...

I dont agree, HF. When Grant put out full strength squads in the cups we was rightfully lambasted for sacrificing our position in the league. I doubt Mancini or Moyes are in any trouble this morning. We have but ONE priority this year, and that is to stay up a la Malcolm X.

By Any Means Necessary.

As for Jarvis, he is returning from a minor injury. With the QPR game on Monday this was a good chance for him to gain match fitness.

If any of the players you wish had played been in the squad and got hurt, the moaning would have been heard from Upton Park to Central Park.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahaha your a sad little prick. cant wait for you to get relegated again

Anonymous said...

You from Transvestitalvainia too

Anonymous said...

I was at the game last night. The kids played well. Before anyone says otherwise they did. Potts play at CB, which is out of position and he played well. Jordan spence played well, he lacked cover with Vaz Te never tracking back. Well he did once made a tackle in the first 5 minutes never came back again. Robert Hall looked extremely lively, shame he had no idea where he was playing. Anyone know the formation we played last night? Famino came on again looked good. Tomkins was shit, McCarthy was shit, Vaz Te has gotten worse, Jarvis didn't know to play out wide or in the middle?! Magia looked average. The kids look decent they do, we have a good future, however Fat head doesn't like kids, he never plays them, he buys old guards and it's going to kill us. Another worrying factor is we can't have a team without Noble. I love the lad, think he's great, but what happens when he gets injured? We are fucked. However the kids played well, the senior players were awful. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hf knob ;) ......leeds and proud .

Sav said...

You forgot to tell us how great Noble was against Wigan. He played almost the whole game or haven't you noticed?

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the same game as me HF?

As 19:19 says above, the starting team included 3 of your 4 choices: Spence at RB, McCartney at LB and
Tomkins. Surprisingly Potts was the other CB but he was no more to blame than the rest of the team.
That's 3 changes already by the way which is more than the couple you advocate earlier in your article.. There were always going to be others. Diame has a knock, Cole needs a long recovery period and it was a good opportunity to play Henderson etc. He will be needed if Jussi gets injured.

Why do you think these are strangers? They train and play in the development squad together.

The team was set up 4-4-2 by the way with Maiga and Hall the front 2. Wigan played 5 across the back.
Whilst Vaz Te and Jarvis were the 2 wide players they seemed to be too deep or in central positions when there was a chance to get them free down the flanks. This was probably to compensate for the missing 3rd midfielder.

Whilst the manager is ultimately responsible for the team it did not look particularly weak bearing in mind Wigan also made a number of changes. The main problem was sloppy defending and Wigan took the chances that were presented to them well.

Tickets for the game were a tenner each by the way.

Overall, I have to conclude that you did not watch the game and as such your article is inaccurate and misleading.

Anonymous said...

John and usadave you are both full of shit,you really are. And 1919 (which coincidentally is the year Leeds were formed),were you watching the kids or the football you perv?